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  1. Yes this summer has been pretty chilly. Great because AC apparently isn’t really a thing here. Last year was insanely hot in Europe.
  2. Ramstein. Really close to France/Germany border.
  3. Yeah I just got stationed in Germany now. Lots of wind here especially in winter time with those powerful storm systems that move through. It’s been windy everyday I’ve been here so far. Hopefully snowy too.
  4. Plot twist. You moved to Iowa because you were tired of the lack of snow in Simpsonville.
  5. Family back home in Waycross just said it was just strong winds and a lot of hail. I was sleeping and woke up to them panicking about that PDS warning. Scary stuff especially when it hits in your hometown.
  6. Congrats on the ones who got snow today. You’ve seen more snow now than we’ve seen in South Korea. Still sitting at trace for the year here.
  7. That Newfoundland blizzard was epic. At least someone is getting snow. Record warm week ahead for looks like a lot of Asia. Our average high temp is in mid 30s and low temp in mid 10s and we are 15-25degrees above average the next 7 days. Basically snowless winter so far in Korea. Lame.
  8. Lol, that’s just my luck.
  9. January is our snowiest month in Korea and still nothing to date or nothing showing up on the models for next 10 days.
  10. Snow is a fantasy guys.
  11. Don’t worry, we average 15 inches of snow a season here in korea and haven’t seen anything over a trace this season or last season. We had an intense snow squall on New Year’s Eve which was fun while it lasted.
  12. If it makes you feel any better, over here in Korea, it’s just as hard to get snow it seems. It’s always cold chasing moisture. The one snow we had lasted for like an hour in before changing over to rain. We have all the cold air in the world and good sea effect snow setups, but nothing this year has been producing. We hit 10F like a week or two ago lol.
  13. Got some lake effect snow here in Korea last week. Was fun to see snow after forever it seems. Like 6+ years. Still nothing accumulating, next week looks favorable for some decent snowfall. Last year they only received 0.5 inches of snow lol. Hoping to cash in this year.