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  1. metalicwx366

    Hurricane Barry

    KMDJ 121615Z AUTO 16056G62KT 2SM BR SCT021 SCT026 26/25 A2951 RMK A01 Gusts up to 71MPH outside of convection at one of the oil platforms to the SE of Grand Isle. I don’t remember how high up these are though.
  2. metalicwx366

    2019 Banter Thread

    Onwards to Korea in a few months.
  3. metalicwx366

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2019

    I thought this was pretty cool to see in NWS Jacksonville discussion. “Mainly dry conditions were occurring across interior southeast Georgia, and only a few hundredths of an inch are possible in this region tonight. The radar this evening was showing enhanced reflectivities across the Suwannee River basin and Alachua County, but this is due to bright banding. Bright banding is relatively rare in our area, and this is due to snow melting as it is falling aloft, with a film of water on the melting snowflake causing the radar to see it as a giant raindrop or small hail. By the time it reaches the surface, the precip is just a cold rain. The radar, however, will overestimate precipitation in the bright banding areas, so will have to rely on observations.”
  4. metalicwx366

    December 2018 Obs

    Crazy rainfall event ongoing down there. Been raining nonstop since Saturday night. Waycross has gotten like 9 inches of rain so far. Lots of street flooding pictures I’ve seen today.
  5. metalicwx366

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Key West just had a gust up to 49kts(56MPH) from one of the outer bands. KEYW 082053Z 10016G23KT 7SM SCT009 27/26 A2982 RMK AO2 PK WND 12049/2024 RAB17E53 SLP098 P0026 60026 T02720256 55010
  6. metalicwx366

    Hurricane Lane impacts Hawaii

    Lol they just gave the all clear here. Now everyone is returning all their water and other supplies they bought.
  7. metalicwx366

    Hurricane Lane impacts Hawaii

    Yep, radar starting to fill in slowly. 0Z GFS and HRRR still showing the potential of some significant rainfall with a heavy band of rain that sets up over the area tomorrow. Sort of reminds me of Darby from 2016 when we got significant flash flooding after the system passed when flow turned southerly.
  8. metalicwx366

    Hurricane Lane impacts Hawaii

    What kinda winds are you seeing there? We just gusted up to 40MPH. Rain we are getting currently still associated with wet trades.
  9. metalicwx366

    Hurricane Lane impacts Hawaii

    No. Not one band of rain associated with Lane has made it up here without falling apart.
  10. metalicwx366

    Hurricane Lane impacts Hawaii

    Yeah I’m pretty much done with it now. Any significant rain won’t happen till tomorrow late morning or afternoon looks like. Been one hell of a storm for Big Island and Maui rainfall wise though. Insane rainfall totals over there.
  11. metalicwx366

    Hurricane Lane impacts Hawaii

    Yeah, but we probably aren’t going to see anything on the leeward side lol. 0.04 so far. Decent winds here though. Need quite a bit more to reach those 8-12 inches of rain.
  12. metalicwx366

    Hurricane Lane impacts Hawaii

    Yeah it’s finally raining here.
  13. metalicwx366

    Hurricane Lane impacts Hawaii

    Lol the 0Z CMC keeps this storm well to the south of us. Models still can’t agree when we are 24 hours from potential landfall. Just had a gust up to 38MPH otherwise nothing too crazy right now.
  14. metalicwx366

    Hurricane Lane impacts Hawaii

    That’s what I was saying earlier. The models don’t really show any significant rain for a while. Where are you at getting SE winds? Still NE here and definitely picking up.
  15. metalicwx366

    Hurricane Lane impacts Hawaii

    I’m seriously having doubts about that 8-12 inches of rain here. Especially if this thing tracks towards Maui/Big Island. We stay on the dry NW side. Darby we didn’t get any rainfall until after the storm passed when the flow became southerly.