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  1. I agree. I suppose we'll see what the next shift at CTP does.
  2. This is only tangentially related to the storm, but the point forecast for State College for tonight's low temperature, 5 degrees, if it verifies, would be the lowest temperature here since 2 February 2019.
  3. That sounds about right. As far as 24-hour totals go, today was the 12th time a 24-hour total of 15" or more was recorded at State College since records began in the 1890's and the first time that has happened in December.
  4. I will look for sure in a bit, but it might be on par with a 2010 storm. Otherwise, probably best since '96.
  5. I cleared the board four different times. My current snow depth, which includes that kind of settling, is ~15", so that's consistent with your measurement. A friend in Woodycrest (located between you and me) had similar measurements as me. My liquid equivalent was 1.32", a 14:1 snow-liquid ratio. Pretty legit storm for the Happy Valley, though, either way!
  6. Yep, in State College, near the Wal-Mart on North Atherton. A couple of friends nearby on the north side also measured similar. I just woke up and am going outside in a few minutes to see what the balance of the storm left. EDIT: Final measurement was 2.9" since 11:00 PM, yielding a final total of 19.1".
  7. Another 7.0" of snow (since 2:30) here in the Park Forest section of State College. Storm total so far: 9.1".
  8. 2.1" so far (as of 2:30 PM) at my place in the Park Forest section of State College. +SN at the moment, visibility ~1/5 mile.
  9. Mt. Carroll COOP station (Carroll County) made it down to -38F. So, it'll need reviewed, but the Illinois state record may have fallen.
  10. I grew up in northern Illinois and now live on the Florida panhandle. I'll be visiting in two weeks. It's weird how, even after just one winter living in Florida, even just a few inches of snow would be exciting to me.
  11. Notwithstanding model trends, it is good to remember that the key players for this set-up are still out in the Pacific - a data-sparse part of the Pacific, at that.
  12. Gilbert Sebenste is the Staff Meteorologist for Northern Illinois University. He issues forecasts for De Kalb, Naperville, Hoffman Estates, and Oregon to meet the operational needs of the university (campuses at all those locations). I know him through other channels (from having done my undergraduate work at NIU), and he's definitely referring to Brant Miller showing those accumulation progs from the GFS. Not to veer too off-topic, the thing that a TV broadcaster must realize is that, many times, their presentations will be received silently by viewers - they'll see only the graphics. Think, for example, a bar that has television sets that happen to be showing news.
  13. Pro tip - my grandfather used to advise this: there are certain meteorological situations in which it's better to take the "lower" highway (M-26) rather than the upper highway (US-41) down to Houghton. The lower highway involves taking M-26 southeast out of Laurium down to Lake Linden and then through Hubbell and Dollar Bay. By going down through there, I'd imagine that you would avoid some of the strongest winds and exposure and possibly some of the snow, too.
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