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  1. Retirement must be treating you well, Jerry!
  2. 1.52 at the neighboring PWS. You can talk about replenishment but not need to continue drought talk. We are no longer in a dry pattern. At the risk of sounding like Kevin, I hope it drys out so I can blow leaves.
  3. .Every non-gfs model is much wetter for the entire region than the GFS which his west-focused.
  4. What year was the big Halloween nor'easter? 93?
  5. As long as it feels warm in my car.......
  6. If only it were December. It will be fun trying to figure if any of the models are getting things right this winter. Given how sucky they've been, we might have a lot of 24-48 hour surprises. Surprises that could go either way.
  7. My wife and I were just discussing that this morning. Our priority's are things in the house (kitchen, windows, floors, sun-porch conversion). That would have the greatest return should we relocate soon.
  8. Bring on the GFS. I'm channeling Kevin a little in my new digs. I'm no longer taking the 1-and-done approach to leaves. Mowed yesterday and did the second leaf blowing (with the vast majority still on the trees). For many in my neighborhood, lawn upkeep is highly regarded. It's a neighborhood of modest 70's houses. As they get sold, the new owners are doing some significant rehabs. We're doing our part in that regard--some ourselves, some outsourced. Lack of attention to the lawn is increasingly frowned upon. Fortunately for me, I have woods in the back so I just blow things over the stonewall. Our property itself requires a major landscape overhaul--an incredibly steep grade and heavy shade is sub-optimal to say the least. Looks like a lot of folks in the area have tackled/are tackling similar challenges. Tree removal, regrading, retaining walls, new top soil. Cost-wise, this will be a deferred project.
  9. Got to 37* under the trees. Lots of frost once you get down the hill. In other news--the National Grid fairies came overnight and I'm back up with power and internet. Surpised the internet came back up as well==we're on FIOS so I"d have imagined Verizon would have had to come to rerun those lines. Whatever--I'm back up.
  10. Guess who is in the “less than 5” in the outage?