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  1. This is as bad a winter as the ones I had as a kid growing up in New London. Just horrible.
  2. Well after a week or so of self-exile, I just poked back in here. Looks like I can return to my bunker.
  3. I'm trying to find a graphic of the model verification comparisons. It doesn't matter for what time period, I'm just trying to get an exampple. Also, if anyone has graphic of ensemble member low placements from any good storm, that would be great too. If it's showing a decent spread, that is even better! Thanks!
  4. For those of us who have forgotten what winter is, I just got this facebook 'memory' of Pit2 from 3 years ago. An epic week in Maine. I think this was after we had received 41" over the course of a week with another MECS arriving the day of the photo.
  5. No emotion here. I checked out 3 weeks ago.
  6. Is this what this winter has reduced us to? Posting 354-hour clown maps? Oy.
  7. I do believe this is the most sparsely commented on February discussion thread in the history of Eastern/American WX Another winter 2019-20 record.
  8. Meh. I wish I lived at Pit2.
  9. Horrible. Just horrible.
  10. 0.0" here in Worcester. We wait for the lawn thread.
  11. It's doesn't snow where it doesn't want to snow. Winter 2019-20
  12. Yes---we're all praying we can survive this incredibly damaging ice.
  13. Please stop---this winter can't get any more exiciting. zr, 27*
  14. Are people in SNE other than Chris and Dave still paying attention to this?