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  1. I just watched that movie for the first time--not sure why I never had. Man, it has nothing on the Exorcist. When I realized The Exorcist came out a year earlier, I realized the Omen was just a cheap knock-off. I actually am reading the book (Exorcist, not the oemn). It's so good. The movie is true to the book--I'm loving it.
  2. Cowering in a basement in Tolland.
  3. The heat kicked in this morning. Welcome to met summer, everyone. 5 months from now weenie's will be scanning the model-horizon for snow chances.
  4. I don't need this to tell me to not go swimming if the water's cold. ...National Weather Service Cold Water Safety Message... ...Please check with state and local authorities regarding guidelines for allowed activities... * The warm air temperatures today in the 60s may cause people to underestimate the dangers of the cold water temperatures which are currently only in the mid 50s across Sebago Lake and Lake Winnipesaukee, and in the mid and upper 50s in the regions smaller lakes and rivers. * The cold water temperatures can quickly cause hypothermia to anyone immersed in the water. When the water temperature is below 60 degrees, the average submerged person could loose dexterity within minutes and be unable to accomplish simple tasks. Anyone on small boats, canoes, or kayaks should plan accordingly if recreating this weekend and use extreme caution to avoid this threat. Paddle smart from the start and always wear your life jacket! * Strong winds are also expected today with gusts between 25 and 30 mph from the northwest. If boating on large bodies of water, these strong winds can increase the likelihood of overturning your boat,canoe or kayak due to increased wave heights.
  5. Today is the epitome of COC. Package this one.
  6. At least we have the dews. Oh, wait a minute....
  7. The hottest day on record and the forest tinder dry.
  8. The drought is unmerciful in the Rutland State Forest. Torrid 73* .at mi casa.
  9. If your complaint is needing to "deal with major watering", you are not experiencing a drought. Speak about it when you can't do major watering. What pansies. Enjoy the COC.
  10. Was it light or was it a downpour? Less than a tenth here, but everything's wet. Hoping it drys quickly as I'd like to get out and mow--the lawn's been growing at an insane rate.
  11. June comes in like late April?
  12. Go au naturale and uninstall.
  13. I had rented one from Taylor rental.....pretty much a one-and-done deal when I needed it.
  14. I rented a lawn edger for the weekend. It did a pretty good job on the front walkway, probably added close to a foot of width and I didn't break any pavers in the process. The edge around the city sidewalk is a different story. The yard had really spilled onto the side walk so while the edge did a fairly good job at separating cement from the yard, I now need to go back through and clear the overgrowth that is sill on the sidewalk. The funny thing is i used a snow shovel to pick up the stuff that l used the blower for, and for clearing the sidewalk, I'm going to try using an ice scraper. I didn't need these in January and February, but Memorial Day weekend? Break out the winter equipment.
  15. I went to buy a blower for my post-mowing clean up. I ended up coming back with a nice back-pack blower instead. I'm ready for fall clean-up.