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  1. I think the thing that spoiled me when I moved to N GA (from Florida) in 2004 was the number of years we got snow. To make it worse, Apple loves popping up “memories” of snow. That being said, MOST of those are from mid-late January to Valentines Day - so I hold out hope. I also ignore the GFS... [emoji1787][emoji23][emoji1787] Happy hunting. . Pro
  2. I was just going to mention that.... To those with a lot more experience, what thoughts do you have about “the polar vortex cometh”? . Pro
  3. I understand “cliff jumping” I understand hoping that 10-day forecasts are actually going to materialize I will never understand why people argue with posters [email protected], @griteater,@jburns,@buckeyefan1 (other than her choice of teams [emoji23][emoji1787][emoji23]), etc. Hammer . Pro
  4. I am enjoying watching my friends to the north have a shot. Does that count??? [emoji23][emoji1787][emoji23] Good luck guys! . Pro
  5. Merry Christmas everyone. Glad to see so many getting a white Christmas . Pro
  6. Lol. Amen. I have a full linen closet!!! . Pro
  7. Tropical Storm Warning here in NGa. Crazy. Thought I left those in FL. Lol . Pro
  8. It would be helpful to those of us still learning or who do not know as much bad the rest of you if people could explain why something is bad. Saw another post in this thread with a picture and the caption “Not good” (or similar). My first thought: why doesn’t it look good? Second thought, “Crap - it covers my area”. Hammer . Pro
  9. I hear you. We have a WWA in Pickens County (GA) and each time anyone mentions a movement south, I get more excited. [emoji1787][emoji23][emoji1787] . Pro
  10. I hear those of you talking about the responsibility of the network / TV Mets. That being said, I treasure this board because I am responsible for my family. For the Snowmaggedon we had in ATL - my family was home warm and safe because of those here. I simply chose to work from home that day and my kids did not go to school. Thursday could be a challenge because of timing. Had the 2/8 event occurred on 2/7, the impact in my area would have been somewhat significant. I guess it is all about perspective. Regardless, I appreciate the analysis and thoughtful discussion here. Sure, I want 6” of snow IMBY - not that realistic. So, I come here, I read, I learn, and I prepare. Have a great day. . Pro
  11. Seeing some cloud cover build in around Roswell. Keeping fingers crossed. . Pro
  12. Definitely watching that line. Have to head to GA Tech in the AM then to Waleska in the PM. Could be a fun day. . Pro
  13. Clouds have moved out and sitting at 28 degrees here. May get lucky yet. . Pro