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  1. Andrew was devastating- we all agree. People who were directly affected are likely a bit more sensitive to those comparisons. And I understand where you are coming from. . Pro
  2. With all due respect, what other positive feedback can you provide to this forum? . Pro
  3. Amen. I am not up with you all, but it has been pretty constant throughout the day. . Pro
  4. Lol Will be dropping myself in there. [emoji3] . Pro
  5. Turning on the pool heater this weekend. . Pro
  6. Teammate from work who lives in Gwinnett County sent a nice pic - at least they got something. NOTHING here in Cherokee County . Pro
  7. Family was all excited - radar failing fast for me. Back to “Winter is a CROC (Cold Rain Outside of Canton)”. . Pro
  8. I get it. No one wants to jinx it. LOL . Pro
  9. Well dang - I am near the bottom end of that list. Still, better than nothing and definitely better than living ITP. [emoji3] . Pro
  10. This is some Day After Tomorrow craziness. . Pro
  11. Thinking about heading your way with the kids to do some skiing / boarding. . Pro
  12. Most have been quiet here in Cherokee County GA about this - indicating just rain. But the FV3 seems to show accumulations in the area. And I just saw a forecast map from a poster (AshvilleWX) here with up to 2” What am I missing? Am I just being hopeful? . Pro