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  1. Yeah - I left yesterday. Was worried about the sub-32 temps forecast and getting stuck on the mountain. . Pro
  2. No power here again. And here is my path down the mountain: . Pro
  3. Lost power for a bit in Maggie around 5:00 this morning. Branches falling around me. I don’t get to go anywhere for a little while. . Pro
  4. Ice here in Maggie. Not sure I get to go anywhere for a little bit. I was looking forward to more Joeys. [emoji3064] . Pro
  5. I cannot tell what the temps are. Truck reads 32 at Brick HouseAll my apps are saying 35 to 38. All over the place. . Pro
  6. They were pretty good. Spoke to a couple of others from my neck of the woods and they are heading back tonight. I am going to hang out. Got more wood and will see what happens. Would love to see some snow fall. . Pro
  7. 32 in Maggie Valley. Just left slopes it was about the same (using vehicle thermometer) . Pro
  8. I am on of those “visitors” - hard to bail listening to you guys. Hard to ignore the pros. Going to get lift ticket for the night runs... [emoji56] . Pro
  9. Sitting here at Joeys getting nervous about tomorrow. .. . Pro
  10. Thanks everyone. Cataloochee is the plan. Has to buy lift tix in advance - limits my normal spontaneity. . Pro
  11. Question for those of you who live in this area... I am heading up on Tuesday night to ski Wednesday and Thursday. What am I heading into? . Pro
  12. I am supposed to be skiing Wed / Thursday ext week at Cataloochee. Models are making me nervous. I keep hoping that crazy back and forth in the models will land on at least some snow there. . Pro
  13. Several lightning strikes here this morning. . Pro
  14. We are at 38/32 in Woodstock. Hoping it drops a bit more. . Pro