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  1. jr461

    February 11 -12 Winter Storm Threat

    Thanks, glad to hear that. Zr is my (and many others) biggest concern.
  2. jr461

    February 11 -12 Winter Storm Threat

    Since areas to the south are unexpectedly mixing with and switching to snow, is that a good sign that freezing rain is not imminent (yet)? It would seem that the upper level warming has not penetrated enough layers yet given the widespread sleet and now snow again in central NJ. Thanks
  3. jr461

    February 11 -12 Winter Storm Threat

    The precip types are inaccurate. Sleeting in Oradell, NJ (exit 165 off GSP).
  4. Why is it a "nice highlight" to get a few inches only to be shortly washed away? I don't get that even for a snow lover. That only serves to make travel difficult, snarl traffic and cause transit delays with no lasting effect (although the nice highlight there is no piles of filthy plowed snow for weeks on end). Even when I loved snow like the rest of you, when it was a snow to rain scenario, which almost always seemed to be the case growing up, I became disinterested. That's what made the '78 storm (I think it was then) so much fun - it was supposed to have changed to rain before midnight but in the morning was a great surprise - just sleet leftover with more than a foot of snow on the ground.
  5. Don't think we got the worst of it in Oradell, NJ (just east of Paramus). Heavy snow and wind for about 10 min with lighter to moderate for about 5-10 minutes on either side of it. One lane road in each direction is just wet with traffic moving well.
  6. Based on what you are seeing, how bad of an icing problem are you anticipating (from freezing rain; I don't care about snow or sleet) for northern Bergen County, around the GSP as opposed to 287?
  7. Radar does look like it's starting to blossom and fill in off the SNJ/DE coasts
  8. Certainly right about the overwhelming bias. I am actually in the other camp, lol. I used to be a snow freak, and still have a level of excitement about events like this on one level, however, at my stage (56) I'm more concerned about how these storms impact me and my family's life as well as the after effects. So no, I am not biased like most of the others here and try to focus more on those posters who tend to be more objective about these things. I have been following since the ne.weather days so I am familiar with most of the long time posters, their expertise and "wants". And still trying to learn. Thanks for being one of the voices of reason!
  9. OK, so this is going happen pretty quickly (as opposed to those storms that develop/mature further south and move north with precip already having blossomed). Thanks
  10. Gotcha. thanks. And since we're in the obs thread, I'm about 20-25 miles NW of Manhattan, right at the Rockland border. Steady light snow all morning. About 3/4" on non-paved surfaces. Just wet on my very quiet but pre-treated side street.
  11. Not being facetious but actually want to know how to read the signals if we're "nowcasting". Where is the big show coming from if it's still anticipated late morning? Don't see much on radar south or east of MD/DE. Wouldn't/shouldn't we see something organizing on radar by now to our south?
  12. jr461

    Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    He posts stuff like this all the time. I think he is the best along with Goldberg and Gregory in our area.
  13. jr461

    Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    The vitriol that results if someone says anything even mildly negative about snow is hysterical! One would think the discussion was initiated with a personal attack on one's family! It's just weather and it's just snow. Wow! This is all just interpretation of various computer feedback yet if someone interprets a model and suggests less snow than some others....string 'em up! Unfortunately I can count on one hand those who would engage in a thoughtful debate on such events while most of the rest just go into attack mode. I have been around since the NE Weather days and you can see almost no posting. It's a wonder we have as many mets as we still do given the defensiveness and bitterness that comes through if there is any disagreement on a snow forecast! No one knows what will happen for sure and we are always surprised and amazed by what the atmosphere conjures up. it's also possible not to like or want certain weather but still be in awe of it. Personally, I have had enough snow and cold in my life yet still get that feeling I had when I was a kid (I'm 56) when a significant snowstorm approaches, to track and observe. But then life happens again and we have to drive and work and get places and deal with the aftermath. But to each his own. Despite the technology there is still so much that is unpredictable particularly in the longer term and even in the short term for many events. A civilized discussion on such things would be nice.
  14. jr461

    Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    This I don't understand. Freshly fallen snow is beautiful - I think most would agree. After a couple days, however, it gets ugly and becomes a nuisance. You guys really like the black, soot covered snow lining all the roadways (even in the burbs), and the plowed piles (also filthy) consuming portions of parking lots? Then there's the cycle of melting and freezing from the roof, ice dams, icicles, constant dripping in the sun (even when cold), etc. And the constant melt/thaw cycles, even when it's relatively cold, on roadways and in parking lots - streams of water from the piles of snow along the sides of the road or from the piles mixing with old salt during the day making it impossible to keep a car clean and then icing up again at night. Even away from roads, snow cover in the yard just becomes covered with debris from trees (branches, pine needles, etc) and is no longer nice to look at before very long. But to each his own. I'm looking forward to this "thaw" and hoping it lasts as long as possible, March snows aren't so bad since they do tend to melt away pretty quickly.
  15. Plus an accumulation of regular salt - the roads around NE NJ (including side roads) are all white with salt and salt residue. Hopefully this does not allow falling rain to freeze.