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  1. What heat? Despite the numbers indicating close to "average", it has been very moderate by day overall - no one who doesn't like heat should be complaining about a few hot days and a little humidity that came and went over the course of 3-4 months. Hopefully the temperate climate continues into and through winter!
  2. This sums it up well. Just quoting the average isn't sufficient for the kind of summer it's been. Many dreary, cooler days while clouds kept the mins up which edges the average up. Any data on just the average high for each month against the actual average so far? I think this would tell a different story.
  3. That one in Bergen county was right on top of me. Downpour for about 5 min. Becoming partly sunny again.
  4. Same as people who want constant cold and snow all winter. Or who love rain. There are those who like heat, which, on an extended basis, is as extreme as other conditions around here that excites people. Snow, rain, cold and heat lovers can't just up and move
  5. Jump to 16:10
  6. Keep in mind that any plane mishaps make the news so it's not like planes are crashing or having issues without anyone knowing about it. We hear of every one of them. Now think of how few times we actually hear news about this stuff relative to how many flights are occurring at any given time all over the world, all day, every day without a stop.
  7. Better than frz rain, if there's a bright side.
  8. All snow here - Bergen - Rockland border (Montvale/Chestnut Ridge).
  9. Very long time lurker (back to NE weather) and enjoy the PBP. With this storm there seems to be some disparity in start time between 2AM and 5AM. With jury duty in Hackensack looming tomorrow AM, I am hoping enough has fallen by around 6-7AM so it's clear that it needs to be canceled. Anyone with jury duty and weather closure experience? And thanks all for your wonderful analysis!
  10. 60, mostly cloudy with occasional breaks of sun..
  11. Same thru northern Passaic and Bergen counties as well.
  12. It has been representing conditions pretty well. Just light, fine snow in the air and a coating on the ground. When you add the clutter option back it looks much worse than its been the last hour or so.