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  1. Snowed here until I went to bed at 11:30. Eyeballed about 3.5 maybe 4 inches - much more than expected. Got the slushy mess off the driveway and steps but with the cold coming this crap will be around everywhere else until the end of the month at least even without another event.
  2. I still don't understand why anyone would want freezing cold, crippling snowstorm after crippling snowstorm and decaying snow on the ground for months. I can't stand anything about cold or snow anymore yet I've been here since Eastern Wx. It's still interesting and there was a time I also used to love it when I had few responsibilities. Like a harsh winter, a very hot summer is extreme and isn't that what weather enthusiasts are interested in? Anything but the mundane. Personally I'd like temps no lower than about 65 at any time. 80s-90s and sun is perfect, humid or not, with mild nights. Unfortunately I can't move. I'm the anti-Metsfan weather-wise (despite being an actual Mets fan :)) Everyone's perfect is different.
  3. There doesn't seem to be much if any northward movement of the northern edge past around I80 in NJ straight across the TZ into lower Westchester. Does the heavier stuff abate by the time it does spread further north?
  4. While tumbleweed blows around in a thread actually entitled Memory Lane. Why it exists is anyone's guess.
  5. Can't blame them. If only we had a thread dedicated to historical events
  6. I thought this was the memory lane thread I guess that one can be closed since its purpose no longer exists. Too many events in one thread - we're all over the place.
  7. Thanks, glad to hear that. Zr is my (and many others) biggest concern.
  8. Since areas to the south are unexpectedly mixing with and switching to snow, is that a good sign that freezing rain is not imminent (yet)? It would seem that the upper level warming has not penetrated enough layers yet given the widespread sleet and now snow again in central NJ. Thanks
  9. The precip types are inaccurate. Sleeting in Oradell, NJ (exit 165 off GSP).
  10. Why is it a "nice highlight" to get a few inches only to be shortly washed away? I don't get that even for a snow lover. That only serves to make travel difficult, snarl traffic and cause transit delays with no lasting effect (although the nice highlight there is no piles of filthy plowed snow for weeks on end). Even when I loved snow like the rest of you, when it was a snow to rain scenario, which almost always seemed to be the case growing up, I became disinterested. That's what made the '78 storm (I think it was then) so much fun - it was supposed to have changed to rain before midnight but in the morning was a great surprise - just sleet leftover with more than a foot of snow on the ground.
  11. Don't think we got the worst of it in Oradell, NJ (just east of Paramus). Heavy snow and wind for about 10 min with lighter to moderate for about 5-10 minutes on either side of it. One lane road in each direction is just wet with traffic moving well.
  12. Based on what you are seeing, how bad of an icing problem are you anticipating (from freezing rain; I don't care about snow or sleet) for northern Bergen County, around the GSP as opposed to 287?
  13. Radar does look like it's starting to blossom and fill in off the SNJ/DE coasts
  14. Certainly right about the overwhelming bias. I am actually in the other camp, lol. I used to be a snow freak, and still have a level of excitement about events like this on one level, however, at my stage (56) I'm more concerned about how these storms impact me and my family's life as well as the after effects. So no, I am not biased like most of the others here and try to focus more on those posters who tend to be more objective about these things. I have been following since the ne.weather days so I am familiar with most of the long time posters, their expertise and "wants". And still trying to learn. Thanks for being one of the voices of reason!
  15. OK, so this is going happen pretty quickly (as opposed to those storms that develop/mature further south and move north with precip already having blossomed). Thanks
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