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  1. Actually the storm with the strongest winds on LI with heavy snow occurred on February 11th, 1983. Where I was in NW Suffolk I had many hours with wind gusts between 50 - 75 MPH. I had roof mounted wind instrumentation to measure it. We had heavy snow mixed with some graupel. December 5th 1981 was also impressive even though that one stayed well to the east. I measured wind gusts with that one to between 40 - 55 MPH for many hours during the daytime hours of that event. If this one is as intense as modeled it will have that potential as well.
  2. One analog for this event could be from December 5th, 1981. Very intense SLP formed well east of Cape Cod and brought up to 2' of snow to SE MA. The similarity is the very strong northerly winds that are modeled with this upcoming system. There was enough of an onshore vector to bring the heavy snow into SE MA. Further west the downsloping from the mountains in central and northern NE resulted in much lower amounts going west in CT and western MA. The NYC area got nothing but strong winds and virga. This seems to match well with what the models are putting out.
  3. If the Appalachians did not exist then you could say good bye to the cold air damming that frequently sets up to the east of the mountains during winter events. As they say you would want to be careful what you wish for.
  4. We are getting a burst of snow with that quick moving band moving north through eastern PA. 36*
  5. Try pouring rain at 12*. I saw that here in eastern PA a few years back with the icestorm we had back in 2014.
  6. We had drifts where we were in East Northport to 4 - 6 feet in height from 2/78. The only other storm that I can recall that had drifts of that height was in 2/69. We had drifts in our backyard to 6 feet from that one. The snow was dense enough that we could actually walk onto the top of those drifts.
  7. I lived out in Brentwood on the island at the time (March 1993). We had 10" before it changed over to sleet. With the powerful winds and the freezing rain that mixed in we had layers of ice all over the back of the house (south side). The sound of that sleet was so loud. Even with the changeover it was still a very nasty storm on the island. There were frequent interruptions on the radio with updated forecasts for the storm in the days prior. If anyone remembers the doomsday theme that they used to play on radio back then for severe alerts (This is a test of the emergency broadcast system...) that is what they played on FM radio (WNSR if anyone remembers) prior to each bulletin. All things considered the models of the day did a decent job with it.
  8. Light snow finally stopped here. 1.2" new
  9. Precip has diminished to very light snow. 1" new 22*
  10. Roads conditions in a large part of eastern PA are quite bad right now with steady light snow. This is the area of snow that is in the process of moving into central and northern NJ and the NYC metro area. 0.5" on the ground now. 23*
  11. Steady light snow here - visibility 1 mile
  12. I am in eastern PA under those intensifying radar echos. The ceiling here is coming down and we are seeing a steady light snow fall.
  13. Light snow flurries in the air here. 25*
  14. It's fortunate that they have kept Nick Gregory on over there. I remember the live coverage he provided during the Brooklyn tornado a number of years ago. He did an outstanding job that afternoon and I doubt that there is anyone else on the air there in NYC that could have provided the level of expertise that he did that afternoon.
  15. Light snow- 1 mile visibility- streets already covered and ground is whitened
  16. It's on its way and moving quickly too. Models had this starting out here at 10 pm for many runs and they were right on the money. Visibility here has dropped to 2 miles in light snow.
  17. Strongly agree. With a nighttime start the roads are going to be a mess everywhere.
  18. Actually took two vacations up near Lake Ontario this past summer. We drove the length of the lake shore from Niagara Falls up to Sodus Point east of Rochester. It was nice to be able to relate the radar images from what we see during the winter time to what the area is really like. There is a lighthouse in Golden Hill State Park up near Barker, NY where you can stay any time of the year. It is right on the lake. The sunrises and sunsets are to die for. If you want to take a vacation and enjoy the Lake effect experience this could be a good choice of course it is nicer in the summer. It runs $200 per night and is a suite with three bedrooms (former keeper's quarters). They have camping there too. The facility is old and shows its age but is still a great experience. The area to the north and east of Rochester is a big time area for Lake effect snows in the winter. The shore there reminds me of the north shore of LI (Suffolk Cty). They have wineries there to boot. There is a great beach at Sodus Point. There is a lot to see up there.
  19. You don't typically get LI sound effect snows on a NW wind with an Arctic airmass. In fact in 20 years spent living on the north shore I never saw it happen. As LBSF posted the fetch is not long enough. The only place out on LI that might get such snows would be out on the north fork with the correct wind vector and favorable atmospheric conditions. You can get sound enhanced snows in a synoptic scale event with a northeast surface wind on the north shore. That is fairly common. There are other circumstances where you can get ocean effect snows especially on the east end with favorable atmospheric conditions.
  20. Models had you down for 1 inch with this event - what a fail...
  21. If you are going back to Harrisburg I would not recommend that you do it tonight. Roads are bad out this way. 78 would be a tough ride for you between Easton and Hamburg.
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