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  1. Guys be careful tonight...there could be some heavy drizzle out there per NWS: Overnight Patchy drizzle. The drizzle could be heavy at times. Patchy dense fog. Otherwise, cloudy, with a steady temperature around 54. South wind around 5 mph. Lol...never seen that before
  2. Yup you're right...just google imaged that and it's exactly what I meant. Thanks...always wondered.
  3. Is the "big" mountain (for around here) that you can see to the West from one of those parking areas off the northern parts of the Taconic Parkway part of the Shawangunk ridge?
  4. LHV pretty dry this run then? Most stays south?
  5. What's the thought on end time? Based on the NAM Sim radar it looks to be wrapping up around 2pm but how does that fall in line with other guidance? (I've never been any good at determining timing based on models as the hourly maps show precipitation that has fallen in the past 6 hours and not currently falling)
  6. Feb 21st and Schroon Lake has a few inches of sloppy snow on the ground...on to Spring...lol
  7. Im gonna be so pissed if these possible snow showers today/tonight drop a dusting and F up my golf plans for tomorrow
  8. While I agree IPA's have definitely become a fad thing that some people probably order just to say "look at me, I drink craft beer", I don't think they are necessarily overrated, at least not for me. I enjoy pretty much every type of beer except sours and I definitely prefer a nice crisp, piney, citrusy IPA over anything else.
  9. It's there on 12z. Are any of the other models (Euro, CMC) showing this potential?
  10. I actually moved a few months ago from Mahopac...I am in Carmel now a little north, based on radar the banding was definitely slightly less heavy here with the tight gradient.
  11. I'm at basically the same latitude as Cold Spring and about 12 miles East as the crow flies...we got about 8 or 9 inches here. I'd imagine they got roughly the same based on the radar I saw.
  12. Now in Upton's 8-12 inch zone and still only under a watch with snow only a few hours from beginning lolEdit: finally updated to warning as i wrote this lol
  13. Still under a winter storm watch...has not been updated to a warning or advisory...getting kinda late to still be under a watch
  14. How's the Northern edge on the 4k?
  15. If we end up getting an inch or two up here...this would be the worst case ever of being NAM'ed. It's been run after run, not just a one or two "NAM'ed" runs like in the past With several other models shifting North I am still holding out hope for 8" + but expecting 3-6" at this point