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  1. Thanks! Any chance you could post an image of 6z NAM snowfall? 3k?
  2. Disregard this post...the poster I was looking to ignore apparently had multiple similar user names. I had blocked the wrong one.
  3. Splitting hairs here, but that’s not the map they have on their website. Not hugely different, but different nonetheless.
  4. No. Your posts are great!
  5. Serious question... once I’ve ignored a user how long does it take for that to become effective? I’m still seeing the same miserable posts from someone I ignored almost 24 hours ago. I’ve tried multiple times closing out the browser and opening a new one and have verified that I have all the boxes checked in the ignore user feature.
  6. Would you mind posting the prior run for comparison?
  7. Still snowing at end of this NAM run...for most of NC
  8. Fine flakes with moderate intensity in Zionville, NC at about 3500’
  9. Thanks QC. Are you referring to the Tues/Wed snow?
  10. Hi folks. I have a cabin in Zionville on Snake Mountain and am thinking about going up this weekend. Any thoughts on the potential snow Sunday? I’d love to see a few inches.
  11. Mostly noise...result is fairly similar to 6z for most. HP is slightly weaker.
  12. Can anyone post RGEM accumulation maps? RAP?
  13. I was just checking our security cam on snake mountain. Looks awesome!! Wish I was up there.
  14. Nice uptick for Wake County from 6z...would love to see the trend continue!
  15. Wow! That’s a much different look than the kuchera map posted above for FV 3. Wonder what the difference is?
  16. I have a small cabin on snake mountain in zionville, nc, but am worried I wouldn’t be able to get off the mountain for a week. Will be following on webcam. Safe travels to all who venture out.
  17. I was thinking the same thing. Looking at the high placement and strength (compared to the previous run) along with the more inland track of the low I would’ve expected lower snow totals in the central part of NC.