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  1. Fine flakes with moderate intensity in Zionville, NC at about 3500’
  2. Thanks QC. Are you referring to the Tues/Wed snow?
  3. Hi folks. I have a cabin in Zionville on Snake Mountain and am thinking about going up this weekend. Any thoughts on the potential snow Sunday? I’d love to see a few inches.
  4. Mostly noise...result is fairly similar to 6z for most. HP is slightly weaker.
  5. Can anyone post RGEM accumulation maps? RAP?
  6. I was just checking our security cam on snake mountain. Looks awesome!! Wish I was up there.
  7. Nice uptick for Wake County from 6z...would love to see the trend continue!
  8. Wow! That’s a much different look than the kuchera map posted above for FV 3. Wonder what the difference is?
  9. I have a small cabin on snake mountain in zionville, nc, but am worried I wouldn’t be able to get off the mountain for a week. Will be following on webcam. Safe travels to all who venture out.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. Looking at the high placement and strength (compared to the previous run) along with the more inland track of the low I would’ve expected lower snow totals in the central part of NC.
  11. Fun run for NC...won’t be a productive week at the office
  12. I’ve been watching light to moderate snow on my web cam on house in Zionville for the last couple of hours. Hard to tell about accumulations until morning.
  13. TWC just mentioned the “potential” breach of a dam near Creston. Anybody heard anything about this?
  14. Power out in Cary near Cary Parkway and Kildaire Farms Road for the last hour.
  15. Thanks for your insight. Can you please clarify what you mean by RAH/MHX would be your message?
  16. I believe WRAL is trying to balance what the euro and some other models are trending toward with what the NHC and NWS are showing in their graphics.
  17. I was 13 and living in Raleigh when Fran hit. I remember my Dad watching a huge oak tree right outside our front door all night. It never fell. The constant, unrelenting power of a hurricane is the hardest thing to understand if you’ve never been through one. We were without power for 9 days and used the neighbor’s pool water to flush the toilets. It was not fun...Nevertheless a part of me wants to experience the awesomeness of it again.