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  1. Fine flakes with moderate intensity in Zionville, NC at about 3500’
  2. Thanks QC. Are you referring to the Tues/Wed snow?
  3. Hi folks. I have a cabin in Zionville on Snake Mountain and am thinking about going up this weekend. Any thoughts on the potential snow Sunday? I’d love to see a few inches.
  4. Mostly noise...result is fairly similar to 6z for most. HP is slightly weaker.
  5. Can anyone post RGEM accumulation maps? RAP?
  6. I was just checking our security cam on snake mountain. Looks awesome!! Wish I was up there.
  7. Nice uptick for Wake County from 6z...would love to see the trend continue!
  8. Wow! That’s a much different look than the kuchera map posted above for FV 3. Wonder what the difference is?