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  1. Considering this endorsement of the UKMET and its most recent run I’m surprised there hasn’t been more discussion. Verbatim, the storm would be huge for most on this board! Rooting for a solution like this on future runs.
  2. UKMET, CMC and GFS most recent runs all show snow for at least the eastern half of NC for Fri/Sat. 12z will be interesting.
  3. Thank you. Will be interesting to see what the next few frames look like as it comes into range.
  4. I know it’s a bit out of range, but how’s the NAM looking this morning? Also, can someone post the CMC snow map, please? Don’t remember seeing it.
  5. My early weenie days were filled with PBP’s from burger and Robert. Great to have you on board for this one, burger!
  6. Looks interesting. What model and timeframe is this?
  7. Surprised to wake up and see a winter weather advisory for Wake County. Calling for up to half inch of snow and light ice glaze.
  8. Just got back from a jeb walk...have seen lightning and heard thunder three separate times.
  9. Starting to stick to car tops and some in the grass in Cary
  10. Looking out at the street lights it looks like mostly snow, though I can still hear some rain mixing in...Cary
  11. Snow starting to mix in near Trader Joe’s in Cary...still mostly rain
  12. Please don’t feed the trolls and please don’t copy their posts in your replies. Thanks!
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