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  1. Yeah I’ve been ranging from light to heavy for past 2 hours as well. Somewhat confident of reaching 10in. Have around 6.5 last time I measured.
  2. Fairly close to Lirr station. Back to moderate snow.
  3. Finally back in moderate snow after super band was absorbing everything. Approaching 6in
  4. Light snow caught in subsidence within the major band. Blah...5.5in
  5. This band is really impressive. Easily could see 1.5in-2in per hour
  6. Moderate to heavy snow with largest flakes of day.
  7. Band about to come onshore for central and western Long Island. 4.5in here in Syosset. Light to moderate snow falling.
  8. Finally snowing moderately after hours of sleet and no precipitation. Eyeballing 3in. Think too many throwing in the towel for the storm when the worst was modeled between now and overnight. Radar does look to be improving off shore and hopefully that will push through with better rates. Still believe 10in or so possible in my backyard.