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  1. Either way, thanks for all the updates. Your posts are my source to keeping abreast of the tropics. I really enjoy your updates. .
  2. We’re about to have a long stretch of boring aren’t we. Summer severe had its roar. Next up a late November nor’easter. Probably time for another earthquake. .
  3. For those unaware, 2 of the 4 victims died. It always upsets me to see people injured or killed that hide under trees during a lightning storm. I learned as a little kid to never stand under trees, well before I became a weather enthusiast. So for this to happen in a metropolitan city it is upsetting when there should have been rumbles of thunder preceding the strike that signaled "we better get some shelter". But I wasn't there. I also read that they were from Wisconsin and I am unsure of how prevalent lighting is from their hometown. Maybe this was a strike well in advance or after the actual cell overhead. Posting this to point out the dangers involved. Prayers go out to the victims, family and friends of this tragedy.
  4. And back to no power again northern Baltimore county. Didn’t we just do this last month?!?!? Seriously? Not sure if this post will make it out of my phone.
  5. currently mostly cloudy skies northern Baltimore heading into noon time is not exactly the look I am going for on severe potential days.
  6. ^^nice. I guess nothing up for today? I remember 3 or 4 days ago today was a potential severe day. Maybe not so much now. Anything on the horizon.... so to speak.... in the upcoming 3-4 days? Or just hot hot hot?
  7. Having just gotten power back on Sat night after last Tuesday's storms, be careful what you wish for!!
  8. Power back!!! Thanks for letting me vent on here. Closing the book on this one now! .
  9. We are still out - day 5. However, about 1 hour ago, the electric army has finally arrived!! .
  10. Same boat. But this morning there is a BGE pickup truck "sitting on the line" (his words not mine). Says no ETA but he sent up a drone and is uploading the footage to the logistics coordinator. I told him good luck I can barely get a text out of my phone, and only if it does not have an attachment. He laughed. I did not. He says he needs to sit there now to babysit it per BGE policy. So someone at BGE must know this guy is sitting there and that he needs help. It's ironic because as he and I were talking a cable tv guy in a bucket truck no less, there to inspect and report, was walking right over the downed lines and pole and he warned him that the lines could energize at any second due to generator back feed or a tree falling down the line that can drop another line onto the dead circuit. The response was "oh - I got you man. Thanks". SMH. I think most lay people know this. That guy should have known better.
  11. Well at least I got that going for me. You can't lose power if you still have no power. :--(
  12. Progress. Pole and tree removed earlier today. I spied a utility truck from somewhere about an hour ago. .
  13. No power. Given up on saving the food. Given up on the BGE Outage Tracker also.
  14. At least there’s a utility truck at your dad’s place! We still don’t have power on Chestnut Ridge in Northern Baltimore County and they haven’t even cleared the debris yet or started the fix yet and no crews even assigned yet! If you look closely the fallen tree it took out the lines and snapped the pole at the base. What worries me that only 1 of about 8 people I know in this general area got restored so far. It is all well water around here so no power = no water. And no wi-fi means no internet or, if you are lucky, 1 bar of service good enough for a text with no attachments but no data throughput. At least my office has power. I had a portable emergency generator on a transfer switch to run the well pump, refrigerator, one outlet, and 1 light on each level of the house, but that died after 7 hours, but regardless, it did not run air conditioning and after the first night of laying wide awake every minute all night long in a dark internet-less 85 degree home, we got a nearby hotel room last night. At that hotel were about a hundred line workers from various states lodging for the night. There are utility truck convoys everywhere and staging areas setup. I am encouraged we will get restored over the next 24 hours but I am starting to have my doubts. Northern Balt County got hit really hard. Still nothing like the Hurricane Isabel aftermath which was incredibly destructive, but it does invoke memories. We lost power for 7 days after Isabel. We are up to 3 days now - by far the the longest since then. .
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