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  1. For me, it was two back to back severe lines of thunderstorms that rocked Rehoboth Beach on the evening of September 3. I wrote about my experience here: .
  2. We better do this soon or the sun angle posts will start appearing.
  3. I hate to say it but deep down I think we all know where this is headed. We just don't want to accept it.
  4. ^^ wow its pretty even the amount of day and night over the course of a year. /s
  5. Last night was easily hands down the best active weather day I experienced in many years. We are at the beach and when I saw Baltimore County under a tornado warning and listened to my friends tell me about the insane lightning show, it was my typical luck that I missed it. But the line held and slowly made its way across the bay toward Rehoboth. The incoming storm at first was cool as the frequency of lightning was unbelievable. Flashes every 3 seconds or so. However then the incredibly frequent CG hits started encroaching and I had that “be careful what you wish for” moment. It was concerning !!! When the storm was finally overhead it was not as terrifying as the approach however. So that would have been great all by itself. But then the phone alerted again with a warning an hour later for a second storm. I never get second storms. This second storm was not as terrifying on approach , but when it was overhead.... holy hell. It lasted about 30 min and the last 10 minutes we must have had at least 100+ CG strikes within a mile of our house (or so it seemed). It was truly really scary and I’ve not felt that way in decades. We were bombarded with CG strikes. We even had a third not as intense storm 45 min later after that one. I can close the severe season on this summer now. .
  6. Rehoboth Beach lightning is insane. We’re about to get whacked! .
  7. Omar hitting Baltimore would have made my year. .
  8. Just curious. This was posted Jan 20. It’s now September 1. How did we do? Looks like we hit number 2 and number 3. Not number 1. Jury still out on 4? 2020 not done yet. .
  9. What barometer app are you using? This is cool. I already have RadarScope. While I do not know you, also happy to hear you are safe. Sounded like a cool chase.
  10. I watched it. It was meh. The trees blew a bit. I'm sure there will be localized reports of damage. But the video was meh. Back to watching the tropics again, the lack of severe weather in Baltimore, and the early 'winter is over' discussion on the other threads.
  11. This is exactly the cam I have been watching for 30 min. I have Radarscope dialed in too.
  12. Well, it is 2020, so if there is any year to go big or go home, this is the year.
  13. Someone needs to post the storm damage of the lawn chair that fell backwards. Edit: found it. We will rebuild #fay .
  14. Given the fact it is 2020, the next region-wide event might just be a named storm. After the dust settles down in the tropics.