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  1. Well, it is 2020, so if there is any year to go big or go home, this is the year.
  2. Someone needs to post the storm damage of the lawn chair that fell backwards. Edit: found it. We will rebuild #fay .
  3. Given the fact it is 2020, the next region-wide event might just be a named storm. After the dust settles down in the tropics.
  4. How’s today’s chances looking? Atmosphere was pretty worked over last evening. .
  5. Don't forget the abysmal winter before that either!
  6. Certainly no severe but some yellows and reds to the west and some rumbles of thunder in the distance. It’s go no-go time. Just enough time to fall apart before it hits or strengthen. We shall see. .
  7. Pity storms. Almost adds insult to injury. It’s like getting a 2 run HR bottom of the 9th when your down 18-3. .
  8. I am the probably the only forum member in Baltimore County that did not get a drop of rain or flash of lightning. Chestnut Ridge. This is day 2 of zip nada zilch zero. We did have a 6 mph gust so not all is lost. Talk about a snow hole jeez this is so much worse. Going to go for the hat trick tomorrow. .
  9. AdamHLG

    COVID-19 Talk

    So much for that 3 day downward trend of hospitalized patients..
  10. AdamHLG

    COVID-19 Talk

    The movie was "The Italian Job" !!
  11. AdamHLG

    COVID-19 Talk

    I hope they did this re-location correctly. It requires three identical armored trucks to move the kits and only one armored truck has the test kits, and the others are empty. When the trucks get to the city intersection they all go separate routes. Plus a helicopter to track the trucks.
  12. AdamHLG

    COVID-19 Talk

    Thank you. I will go with this mentality. I prefer the optimistic viewpoint. I check the numbers everyday at 10 am or as soon as they're updated and every day I am looking for a decrease in the metrics. You are correct - its a marathon and maybe I should check once a week instead.
  13. AdamHLG

    COVID-19 Talk

    Another day and another increase in every metric. What ever happened to "15 days to flatten the curve". I just have this feeling that even if we stay this course the entire month of May the numbers will still keep going up. I don't know what to think anymore.
  14. AdamHLG

    COVID-19 Talk

    Interesting. It's tempting but $170 is pretty steep just to be curious.