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  1. KBYX is reported at an elevation of 8 meters. Anyone know off hand what are the maximum winds a wsr88d can withstand? I tried to find this but it doesn't appear to be published.
  2. Irma Infrared (animated if you click the link)
  3. spc is hoisting a tornado watch for southern IN and northern KY until 1am cdt
  4. Quite the long track storm with tornado emergencies attached to it coming into the high risk area now.
  5. SPC afternoon update going with a high risk from GA into SC. Significant tornado got moved way north too, pretty deep into Indiana.
  6. Interesting radar feature in eastern Indiana tonight. It has that tropical eye look to it.
  7. Randy Ollis posted these on his facebook page today. A little early but still fun to look at the what-ifs. At 7.2", it would be 3x bigger than our biggest snow of the season.
  8. Really lucked out with that tornado snaking between Ft. Branch and the toyota plant.
  9. Talk about an oh sh*t moment.
  10. New Day 1 thumbnail image is up, but the text isn't working yet. Or they re-upped the previous update.
  11. Didn't know SPC started doing verification maps. If you go to retrieve an old Outlook, you'll find them listed with the various outlooks and their times
  12. The warning in Cass IA is really something. Not too often you see surface temp of 34 and svr hail.
  13. We'd have to really dig deep to beat this season.
  14. Much of us had the late evening glazing event on 12-16-16. That caused over 500 accidents in Indy alone with a few fatals. The last big long duration icing event I can remember was 1-31-2011. At the time it was predicted some areas could be without power for weeks after it was over and if I recall some parts of north central IN were. https://www.weather.gov/ind/feb012011storm With all this rain forecast to roll in and soften the soil around trees caked with ice, it sure won't help.
  15. Not something you see everyday. Is this a result of interaction with upper level flow moving east above this lake effect streamer?