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  1. Where can we get historical data for weather balloon observations?
  2. There's a COVID thread in the New England forum. The usual suspects are over there advocating for the barbershop and tattoo parlor economy in case you guys are missing that discussion.
  3. The 2009 swine flu actually had a much lower mortality rate than the traditional flu. Some IFR estimates were as low as 0.001, i.e. 10 times less deadly than the typical flu. It was comparably mild. I don't think you'd see that level of fear even with social media.
  4. South Korea had 3 cases. Thailand only had one case. Vietnam, New Zealand and Hong Kong reported no new cases. Several eastern European countries have just a handful of new cases. Instead of treating it as evidence that it's possible to contain the virus, it seems that many people just assume these countries must be lying.
  5. And I'm willing to bet that, even among those who believe certain businesses should be allowed to be open, a majority of them aren't going to patronize those businesses anytime soon either.
  6. Make sense. I guess the predictions of people making a mad dash for Applebees after their tyrannical government allowed them to leave their house never materialized. At this point, opening things up is a paper exercise. There is pent-up demand for sitting on a beach, but not sitting at a restaurant.
  7. First time since March 30th. Mission Accomplished. Time to #openitup!
  8. A majority of the people who lost their jobs, and are supposedly starving and foraging for food, support the restrictions too. Phin is a rebel without a cause. Sad!
  9. I've never visited the politics forum. Sounds like it must be a cesspool over there.
  10. Well, today was the first weekend of loosened restrictions in 30+ states. I was told to expect lines out the door of people who, after a month of being oppressed by their tyrannical government, finally exercising their right to get a massage. Instead, I see lots of people just sitting at the beach. My 401k does not approve of this.
  11. Which one? There are several trolls on this thread today. LOL
  12. The CDC believes their data. If an armchair epidemiologist on a weather discussion forum doesn't want to believe it, that's their prerogative.
  13. If the data doesn't fit your argument, question its source. Classic tactic.
  14. I go by data. You go by feelings.