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  1. Unfortunately, conspiracy theorists don't read scientific papers nor evidence-based reasoning. That's why I just laugh at them nowadays. There is no point debating them. They live on the dark web and 4chan message boards. It's sad that many seemingly smart people actually believe this nonsense.
  2. They certainly don't. But that doesn't mean they're cooking up viruses in labs. Do you also believe that AIDS was created by our government to decimate the African American population? Do you believe in Q? What other conspiracies do you believe in? Maybe it's time to step outside and get some fresh air.
  3. LOL. And if you actually believe this....LMAO.
  4. Unfortunately there are tradeoffs. Pretty soon you might be hearing stories of people who are rushed to the hospital with appendicitis and there are no beds in the hospital for them. In fact there are already some instances of that happening now. It's up to the public to determine whether they would rather see their community hospitals overflowing vs. keeping Hoppy Squirrel Saloon open
  5. In some states, yes. Some people worship at the altar of three letters: G-D-P.
  6. I guess she wants those people to quit their jobs and stay inside their houses until there's a vaccine. Athletes' wives really need to stay off Twitter. Nobody cares what they think.
  7. I don't know anything about their health department, but restaurants and especially bars have been known as big spreaders. Many clusters have been traced back to bars and restaurants. In fact bars likely drove the summer wave. After Arizona closed gyms over the summer, their hospitalizations decreased rapidly. Much more rapidly than they did in Texas or Florida. So there is some thought that gyms are significant contributors as well. Once you pick up the infection, though, it largely propagates through home gatherings.
  8. I haven't dined inside a restaurant since March 16, 2020. I even remember the date. I honestly don't even miss it that much. I've done plenty of takeout though.
  9. There is plenty of money in the system, but the problem is that, the way it's distributed, we're heading for a K-shaped recovery.
  10. The midwest might peak in December, but the Northeast and the southern states probably won't peak until January or February.
  11. Sweden has basically just admitted their approach during the spring was a failure. They've now banned any gathering larger than 8 people and are telling people not to go to gyms or restaurants. These restrictions are much more strict than what they did last spring. Their original plan was to build up enough 'herd immunity' in the spring so that, when the inevitable 'second wave' grapples the world, Sweden wouldn't really see a second wave. Guess that didn't work out. #Fail
  12. Covid Gone Wild: Thanksgiving Edition The Christmas edition will be the sequel
  13. Many people have fought wars and sacrificed for our right to dine-in at Denny’s.
  14. That's why only 3% of the population is Libertarian. They cray.
  15. The American experiment was great while it lasted!