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  1. Perfect one bander too. That’s going to help it consolidate power quicker.
  2. Roslyn is going ham and this thread is silent
  3. I am sure the costs will be socialized again again when insurance companies go belly up. Taxpayers are definitely going to have to pony up for all the destroyed rental properties and second homes down there.
  4. How are you a red tagger and don’t understand how sea level rise is an existential threat to lots of Florida real estate?
  5. We don’t fund education, especially in hurricane prone states. These are the same places that are told the media is full of lies and that things like sea level rise and juiced hurricanes are a myth. It’s getting worse and worse. Expect more disasters like this where people don’t listen and just yap on social media about their surprise neighborhood destruction.
  6. dude with dog avatar has spoken
  7. That’s how I carry drugs through the airport. I keep one in my wilderness first aid kit too. They’ve got a lot of uses.
  8. Weenie this post if you care more about kittens than Floridians
  9. iceresitance told us this was coming over ten days ago
  10. Property. Lol. Like half of us are straight up communists.
  11. Way to take one piece and latch onto that.
  12. Nevermind. Reed has left the galaxy. Hopping fences, breaking into homes and trying not to die
  13. Reed crawled so stas could fly through space
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