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  1. That “evidential” data is subject to human interpretation and assumptions. SFMR has a high bias and the rest of the data is just hand waving about flight level reductions and stuff.
  2. I’m not sure Michael was actually a 5.
  3. The NHC will name every shit storm but god forbid they upgrade an obvious 5
  4. Im so confused at that explanation but know i am crushing most of you in this contest.
  5. East coast “threats” are the worst
  6. I took a look, which is why I think Inez would be what I am rooting for
  7. Why would your starting point be a day 5 projection subject to forecast error instead of where the storm is now? Oh wait, because that’s less fun and has a way higher percentage of OTS. unamed 1893 would be alright tho…looks like the only realistic post 9/20. I personally would like to see inez 2. That would be an insanely fun storm to track.
  8. It’ll be less ugly. Larry was born special but this one actually has a nice look. that said…named before 40w and it’s nearly October…so RIP
  9. Man these vessels are really bobbing.
  10. I’m not here to fight. I am just here to advocate for landfalls with complete eyewalls and good chaser footage. Nobody needs harmed and I hope only rich people’s beach houses and fossil fuel infrastructure gets wiped out.
  11. Nobody tracks these to watch fizzling TS landfall. You’re basically concern trolling.
  12. Yeah it may be a "half'cane", but the northern band that is dragging the shoreline is brutal. Hopefully this gets punched hard by westerly 400-300 hPa flow to shear off that northern eyewall before it reaches the Galveston area. We’re rooting for shear because we are scared of cat 1 halfacanes now?
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