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  1. @WestBabylonWeather RIP
  2. Jova was pretty good last night but go review Rick, Linda, and Patricia. There is another level the EPAC can occasionally pump out.
  3. That’s got to be near record for the basin
  4. someday he is going to lose that skull ring and that's the end of his mojo
  5. Mids af but I am glad we got something
  6. Anyone else want to buy a DR burn cage after tonight?
  7. Yeah I’m a toss up on it but publicly pot committed to band mayhem. So here we are. I really do hate how frustrating the eyewall has been. This storm could be so much better with minor tweaks.
  8. I’m 50/50 on it. Recon hasn’t really found a double wind maxima. But man radar looks moaty.
  9. oof look at that erc starting
  10. yeah thats a nice comparison
  11. eta. god that was epic watching the red taggers eat shit.
  12. its the south. do we really need to say more?
  13. epic post. Here’s to more storms down the road, buddy.
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