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  1. Gusts to 24 out here. .01 rainfall. Unimpressive as expected. Dark & stormy but *way* too warm for a fire in the fireplace.
  2. Fog just came out of nowhere, drifting through our yard. No rain yet. Looking like more wind than much needed rain.
  3. Nice little patch of snow here the last hour, but it's its lightened up considerably. Meanwhile the temp has dropped from 36 to 33. Waiting for the rain to move in again.
  4. We could be putting the plows back on out here, although we are still too far out get too excited. If it does snow, it will fall on the same day as last year's last dump.
  5. Got 2.5" sn before it changed to rain in the last 30 min. About 2.5." Now 34/33, which is warm enuf for snow to fall off the sides of the car. Not the storm I was hoping for, but it was the one forecast. 2/27 doesn't see to hold much promise for us either, but it's 9 days and mucho model runs away.
  6. Moderate snow continues. Wind beginning to pick up - up near 10 mph. Temp up 7 degrees in just over an hour to 32.
  7. Really coming down now, small flakes, nice cover. Perfect view on a Retirement Tuesday. 25/20
  8. Fabulous, fantastic fatties falling far and farther. Winds n/nw at 4. 24/15.
  9. NWS Boston A pattern change? Possibly in early March per @NWSCPC 3-4 week outlook w/Alaska trending to a warmer pattern & Northeast (#MA #RI #CT) to a colder pattern. Possible culprit? Powerful cyclone (920 mb!) near Iceland yesterday with #hurricane winds may contribute to a pattern change
  10. Exactly, and the other thing working against us is days are getting longer and the sun is higher in the sky. In 4 weeks it will pretty much be over except for a isolated dump that will quickly melt unless it is unseasonably cold and we have a lot of cloud cover.
  11. Same out here. And nice and cold. 20/18
  12. Really rocking now. At least 4". Hoping for an overperformer, but will settle for a highender and we're halfway there. 20/20
  13. Small fluffy stuff. Almost 2". Expecting biggest dump between 11p-1a. Will be watching. 26/26