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  1. We see them all the time at our place. Some people even feed them, so they feel quite entitled to stroll across patios, etc.
  2. OK, Question here. Normally when I pull up NWS, I can get a forecast for my ZIPcode. Tonight, when I type in the ZIP, the page defaults to "Coastal Cumberland" instead of the ZIP, as in Coastal Cumberland County, of which we are a part. And suddenly we are looking at 9-16 inches through tomorrow afternoon, which isn't close to what I am seeing on the latest HRRR or the NAM. Never seen this NWS default before in my (admittedly) limited experience watching the weather up here in Pine Tree Land. Is this done to save NWS time? Or because the forecasts across these contiguous ZIPS are virtually identical? Or is this some kind of alternate met universe?
  3. The 14z HRRR shows promise. Hope later runs really up the totals.
  4. Looks like onite total is .25 out here on Long, which is NE of previously cited locals and, most significantly, surrounded by H2O. Not enough for cx skis, at least not yet.
  5. Snow just started falling out here on Long Island, 6 miles NE of PWM. Assume other frequent lurkers in SoPo & Scarborough already underway. NWS did back off onite proj to <1", but adds some at the end.
  6. MAHK WEBSTAH -Some of us are lurkers busy putting away golf carts, setting up snowblowers and dreaming of skiing.
  7. 12/5 storms triggered some great Capital Weather Gang discussions among Washington Post weather devotees between '14-16.
  8. Miserable rain here, .49 inches since 8am. Now at 37 degrees, with wind gusting to 10, well under predicted 15-20 with gusts to 30. This darkness at 4pm scenario is all the more miserable because you main landers are getting snow while we max out on mud puddles.
  9. We get the same thing. It is relatively flat out here, so rain and sleet are fairly manageable, but we seem more rain Nov-March than we would like and not nearly enough snow.
  10. Top photo is simply awesome. Frameworthy even.
  11. Which is why I am a bit suspicious of our forecast. It's still going to be plenty powerful.
  12. Odd how eastern/central MA and along NH and ME coast not filling in. See what later runs show.
  13. Sure, sure, sure, That thinking works on the mainland. Plus, island cars are a peculiar lot. They don't necessarily pass inspection. We just want brakes so we don't end up parked next to a scallop dragger, and heated seats. Definitely want heated seats.
  14. This is nothing. You should have been here in January and February when many nights temps dipped in the single digits and we had to run a trickle on the car so it would start. Gusts to 20 out here on the island today , but quite sunny. Otherwise, dress in layers, go visit LLBean and consider the advice of the learned souls on this page who believe in spirits. 38/12