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    April Mid/Long Range & Disco

    Plus there’s some signs that next winter will be neutral or weak NINO at max, which could lead to a better potential for a moderate to maybe low-end strong nino for 2019-2020. Kind of like 2015 and 2016 but I wouldn’t expect a Nino nearly as strong as 2016 with this new solar minimum state we are entering. And if we take it a step further of a possible +QBO for 2018-2019 and -QBO for 2019-2020, I think there’s definitely big potential like PSU mentioned. I could see next winter being a big backend winter (February-early April) and 2020 having an earlier start with big dog potential. But obviously this is all speculation.
  2. JH89

    March 1-2 wind event

    Goddard can be stingy with their decisions sometimes. For the January blizzard in 2016, OPM was closed for Monday - Wednesday the following week while we had to go back on that Wednesday with a late opening. It happened another time in 2014. I’ve been surprised with a couple of their decisions this winter to remain open with code blues.
  3. JH89

    January Discobs Thread

    5 degrees in Odenton, MD