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  1. https://meteocentre.com/numerical-weather-prediction/map-explorer.php?lang=en&map=na&run=18&mod=cmc_gdps&stn=PNMPR&comp=1&run2=18&mod2=cmc_gdps&stn2=PNMPR&hh2=066&fixhh=1&stn2_type=prog&mode=latest&yyyy=latest&mm=latest&dd=latest&hh=072
  2. 12z UKmet with a general 3-6 inches (most north and west)
  3. Plus there’s some signs that next winter will be neutral or weak NINO at max, which could lead to a better potential for a moderate to maybe low-end strong nino for 2019-2020. Kind of like 2015 and 2016 but I wouldn’t expect a Nino nearly as strong as 2016 with this new solar minimum state we are entering. And if we take it a step further of a possible +QBO for 2018-2019 and -QBO for 2019-2020, I think there’s definitely big potential like PSU mentioned. I could see next winter being a big backend winter (February-early April) and 2020 having an earlier start with big dog potential. But obviously this is all speculation.
  4. Goddard can be stingy with their decisions sometimes. For the January blizzard in 2016, OPM was closed for Monday - Wednesday the following week while we had to go back on that Wednesday with a late opening. It happened another time in 2014. I’ve been surprised with a couple of their decisions this winter to remain open with code blues.
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