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  1. I think it's been posted before and I regret not bookmarking it. Is there a site for average wind speed by climo site? I'm looking to compare seasonal wind speeds year over year (i.e. was this Spring more/less windy than last Spring?)
  2. 3 squares of mushroom chocolate was the correct amount for tonight. F. Yeah.
  3. Even if it's on your profile, that doesn't show on mobile.
  4. Impressive stat for PWM's snow this winter: Dec, Feb, Mar combined - 6.3" Apr - 8.0" 38.0" on the season, or about 57% of average.
  5. Yeah that 2nd guy was pretty close to a life changing injury. Not to mention almost taking out a few people along the way.
  6. Very nice! This is making the rounds from this weekend...I know these people are in the minority, but there's always at least a few people who have no business being up there and are a serious threat to others. https://packaged-media.redd.it/s87crw0kk4xc1/pb/m2-res_1080p.mp4?m=DASHPlaylist.mpd&v=1&e=1714424400&s=82c16a98c5b6b4b3947770aee4695b167efc16f6#t=0
  7. Good stuff. Thanks. I'm sure TK is a blast to ski with. I've found its not just skiers who over estimate. Neighbors and friends will ask how much snow we got, because they all know i do it for PWM. I'll say 6" and every time it's "no way, that's at least 8 if not 10 inches". I'm thinking...You all see me out here in the middle of the night like a madman, that's not just for fun - I take pride in the accuracy of my obs.
  8. Great post, PF. FWIW I asked TK about Jay as their 171" seasonal total on 1/16 sounded high. So I asked him (online) if they have a set spot or not. "They have three set spots. Not sure of exact details. But I have been following along for decades and this year some of the estimates actually seemed a little low."
  9. We put up several a few years ago, but cannot keep the Sparrows out. Bluebirds try to establish residency, but end up getting bullied by the sparrows. How do you keep them out?
  10. Haven't looked to see what's driving this April's departure, but you could argue that if you're not awake at night to experience the departure, it'll still feel cool in an AN month.
  11. Have some recommendations for Maine, but not where you're at. Best bet (aside from a recommendation here) is to download the Weedmaps app, and look at the dispensaries in your area - they'll have their menus so you can look for GF options.
  12. More snow in April (8.0") than Feb/March combined (6.3") for PWM. Can't imagine that's ever happened before. Neat stat. As you were.
  13. Only one for me was Coventry VT in 2004. 12-20 hours of stopped traffic on 91N (essentially a big party), and then everyone parked and walked 20 miles to get to the phish festival. That experience alone was one I'd sign up for in a heartbeat.
  14. 100% agreed. Everything in moderation & responsibility (as you noted) - but agree completely and well put.
  15. Hopefully it's encouragement to get out and talk to your fellow humans in real life. A good reminder that the divide is only how one perceives it, especially if your perception is driven entirely by what you see and read online. And, a really good reminder (as someone said earlier) that we're (us, individually, right now) a microscopic spec of dust in an ocean of space and time and the human plight means nothing in the grand scheme of things. If you don't get that perspective through psychedelia, this is as good and as close as you'll get.
  16. GFS OP had this from 300+ hours out and never really wavered.
  17. You know, that almost gets me to the Gorham line. I could do that. The differences can be stark, in any direction, across town, for sure. I do worry sometimes about continuity of records given my location compared to the previous observer. But I think if you were to compare my CoCoRaHS observations from 2018-2021, I'd be pretty close to the official obs (at least statistically). Once in a while there'll be a season (or big event) where the difference is statistically significant, and that stinks, but what can you do?
  18. And give up my obs duties? Never! But seriously this is a deep, internal conflict I have. I LOVE doing the obs, but I hate that I'm 10-15 miles away from a much better weenie spot.
  19. PWM obs 00z - 0.7" nada at 05z 12z - 0.4" Event total is 8.0" which includes a total of 2.80" liquid - both rain and snow. Depth is 5" Season total is 38.0". That's going to put PWM #9 on the least snowy winter on record list. Impressive considering 2 weeks ago we were post equinox and sitting at #1. It's still snowing lightly but I don't think we're picking up another 0.6", which would bump us from #9 to #10.
  20. Not surprised. This is going to end up on the higher end of damaging winter storms (non coastal flooding related, at least). I was half joking earlier about there being a f-load of eclipse-seekers on Monday. Going to be even more of a disaster now. Back under anice 20dbz band here after 30 minutes of SN-. 33F SN
  21. PWM 18z obs 2.4" new | 6.9" total 0.77" liquid | 1.97" liquid total Currently 33F SN-
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