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  1. A nice 32.4F rain here, which was expected.
  2. That'd be a record gust here if that verifies
  3. I'm not right along the coast (3 mi inland), but fully expecting some + 50mph gusts in the morning.
  4. Never saw grubs, but sometime in Aug I saw bugs in the turf, so assumed chinch bastards. You need to rip a chunk off and look in the soil underneath to determine if it's grub damage. Can't rely on surface obs
  5. 07-08 was my fourth winter in ME, and my first in PWM. I wasn't measuring at that point but I remember it being an awesome winter. >100" in PWM I believe.
  6. We seem to miss out regularly during convection season, while others (mostly to our north and west) do not. I wonder if it's related to our coastal orientation and sea breeze influence? Same thing with Scooter.
  7. today will close out the 3rd driest September on record for PWM with 0.42" - over half of that falling on 9/26.
  8. ^dang 53/41 in South PWM Tough stretch for those who love dews and refuse to uninstall in September
  9. Lava, my lawn is a cornucopia of weeds and bugs, and the back half is in full sun and still doesn't look that bad. I don't know what the issue or solution is, but I doubt pounding pesticides is the answer. Not sure if Milky Spore works on Cinch bugs but maybe give that a shot. Takes a few years to establish and you're soil is probably too cool this year, but it might be worth a shot next year. Either that or till it all and plant perennials or wildflowers. Probably cheaper than the money you'll undoubtedly continue to pour into it.
  10. Exactly what I was looking for, thanks. Dendrite - I'm interested in those graphs/data as well, so thank you. very resourceful site.
  11. What's the website where you can generate the maps I see posted here showing regional temp and precip departures for an (adjustable) timeframe?
  12. In North Deering, it's been training band here for the past hour. Interested to see the totals........
  13. 3.48" precip for July, mostly falling in 3 events (1.01" on the 6th, 0.98 on the 11th, and 1.02" on the 22nd/23rd). I don't keep temp records, but the PWM ASOS is 3.5mi away and had its warmest July on record and warmest month ever on record.
  14. We definitely benefit from the amount of competition up here. Plenty of options here that would make it on their own as #1 in most smaller markets. More options = the price stays low. My favorite beer, Epiphany (Foundation) is $14 and always available at retail and the brewery. If you venture out to Industrial park, be sure to make the rounds at Foundation, Definitive, Austin Street, and Battery Steele. Lone Pine and Liquid Riot are also top-notch.
  15. Quite visible from here, too
  16. Had one make it to the coast here. Essentially started 15 mi inland then popped just as it made it to PWM.
  17. Looks awesome Do you recall the brand or mix of see you put down?
  18. Unbelievable to me that people use the amount of chemicals needed to produce that lawn with a body of water that close to their property. Completely reckless.
  19. .6" last night in what should be the final snowfall of the season here in South Portland. That makes for 65.9" on the season. 25 events Largest of 6.8" on 1/20 Nov - 4 events | 14.4" Dec - 2 events | 6.5" Jan - 7 events | 20.2" Feb - 6 events | 11.1" Mar - 4 events | 10.9" Apr - 2 events | 2.9"
  20. LOL @ OES right now in PWM in April while 200 miles west there's thunderstorms popping off.
  21. Yup, ripping pretty good right now.
  22. Ironically this very rock is not terribly far from him.
  23. Just flipped here, but I'm also on the water (Mackworth)
  24. Ripping on the water here in PWM. Guessing 3/4m visibility