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  1. Made it up to 63.7 degrees at my home in East Knoxville at 1:45 p.m. Since then, the temp has been dropping slightly. I think we may struggle to see the upper 60's.
  2. There might be places where one can get this as one image, but I don't know about them. I stitched the four sector images together to produce this one.
  3. 12z GFS indicating dry air at 700mb leading up to and at 2 pm on Monday. With the sun being more than halfway through partial eclipse, maybe this will suppress the Cu like Jeff indicated. Dew points at the surface are also showing low to mid 60's. I noticed that small windfield vortex in W. Tennessee. Is that what's pulling in the dry air from the north?
  4. Thanks Jeff...I really enjoy your write ups. I'm going to be about 5 miles east of the plateau and on Watts Bar Lake north of Spring City. It seems that I'm in a favorable location. Hopefully it pans out. I'm going to watch those model updates and hope for low dew points at the surface and at 700mb.
  5. We need an exact repeat of this weekend's weather on the weekend prior to the eclipse!
  6. That was originally my plan as well, but I feared that I might find myself in a traffic jam trying to get to one of those spots, so I opted for a location that I could anchor down over the weekend and be waiting on Monday.
  7. I'm borrowing my in-laws' camper and setting up on Watt's Bar Lake near Spring City on Friday the 18th. I'm hoping for good weather, but will move from "home base" on the 21st if there is a considerable chance of cloudiness. Hoping the next weeklies gives us some preliminary ideas.
  8. Why is the NAM so amped lately only to back off at the last minute? It did this for winter and now for this severe threat.
  9. Yes, it is worth driving to see. You only get the twilight/nightime light during totality. I'm taking the day off from work and driving south to get in the 2+ minutes of totality path.
  10. The 12z Euro through 60 hours is slightly suppressed and south of it's 0z.
  11. I thought it looked weak at the end of its last run.
  12. It's mostly just bradford pears and their wild variants right now...I wouldn't care if we could get rid of those nuisance trees.
  13. Historically, these things trend back north as we get closer as well.
  14. I'm hoping to make my way up the Cherohala Skyway to find a spot for viewing. I definitely need to grab a solar filter for my scope before then.
  15. So being new to all of this an soak it all in, am I right in saying that there is potential phasing of pieces of energy below? And if so, this would be a potential weather-maker for us?