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  1. Spring/Summer 2018 Observations

    Another pic of the storm in Greene County yesterday.
  2. Spring/Summer 2018 Observations

    I don't know if the attached video will be viewable, but current radar is interesting to me- west to east motion on the plateau with south to north motion in the Apps. Screen Record 04 (Converted).mov
  3. Winter Banter 2017/18

    Can we just axe the term "bomb cyclone"? The media uses this to sensationalize things. --End of Rant--
  4. 2017-2018 Winter Observations

    Downsloping much? One spotter reporting temps of 80 at his home in this area.
  5. Winter Banter 2017/18

    I am grateful for the info that both you and Carver's (and others too) consistently deliver to this forum. I have nothing but respect for the both of you and am glad I'll be seeing you both continue to post.
  6. Winter Banter 2017/18

    I have been excited about this all evening. I even got my wife to watch a replay while I explained the significance of this launch. We can finally be excited about space exploration again.
  7. Winter Banter 2017/18

    No kidding, I thought the exact same thing.
  8. January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Obs

    Fine snow falling in downtown Knoxville now.
  9. January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Event

    15Z surface map moved the frontal boundary backwards from the TN/NC border to the central valley and made it a stationary front. Does that have any significance?
  10. January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Event

    A nice band is developing just northeast of Dayton - looks like that one will get west Knox county.
  11. January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Event

    Last couple of scans appear that the eastward motion has begun again.
  12. January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Event

    Started a thread for observations...
  13. Jeff suggested it and I think it would be some good mojo to start the obs thread. Sun peeking through the clouds in downtown Knoxville with dark clouds to the west. Bring it on.
  14. January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Event

    The last couple of scans on the radar seem to dry out a bit. Hoping that is just temporary and it rebuilds soon.
  15. January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Event

    So slowing is good..we don't want it to be progressive, right? But the trough becoming oriented more N/S isn't good since that means it will start to lose the Gulf moisture?