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  1. I put mine in the ground Sunday evening. I aim for a 3-4 day stretch where it doesn't get below 50 at night. I don't think I'll have that problem this week. I planted cucumber seeds late last week and they have sprouted as of yesterday. Tomato and pepper transplants are going in the next few days.
  2. Awaken all ye garden enthusiasts. What's happening in the local gardens this year? I'm waiting till the 15th to make a decision on planting warm season stuff. I'll feel safer at that point. I believe we had a cold shot in early May last year. David
  3. Looks like mostly the same except stretching more to the east north on the moderate category.
  4. Now that we have turned the page into meteorological spring, I can look back on the winter months. For me, living near downtown Knoxville, this winter "felt" more normal than recent years. I ended up with almost 4" of snow on Christmas Eve/Christmas day and pretty much whiffed on the other systems. The climate reports echo what I "felt." December was 0.9 degrees below the 1981-2010 normals, January was 1.5 degrees above, but with one caveat - the average highs were 0.5 degrees below normal, with lows 3.3 degrees above. So daytime highs were cold. Lastly, the preliminary data for February shows 0.6 degrees below normal for the month. So, all in all, I was pleased with this winter relative to the duds we've had recently. We actually had snow that stuck around to for my kids to play in two days in a row and I wasn't outside in shorts in January. Maybe we can get a March surprise - outside of that, I'm ready to start the gardening. David
  5. Ended up with 3.5” just east of downtown Knoxville.
  6. Not sure if this is a true observation with no measuring equipment, so I placed in banter. I was on a backpacking trip this weekend in the Smokies. Saturday night the wind was terrifying. Everyone in my group was pretty sure someone would be hit by a falling limb or tree. The most vivid memory I have is the sound. You could hear what sounded like a jet engine off in the distance. The sound would get louder as it got closer and then the wind would hit, small limbs falling and could hear the sounds of larger ones in the distance. Then - it would quieten down for a minute before the next gust. They came in waves every couple of minutes. But you knew they were coming because of hearing the approach. Each "wave" was another "hope I survive it" moment. Everyone did survive - at least physically. I doubt anyone of us will ever forget that night.
  7. I managed to grab it in the 'scope the last couple of nights. My plan going forward is to see just how long I can keep track of it in the 'scope over the next month. I'll check every night the weather cooperates. It's climbing higher in the sky away from light pollution and full moon is early enough in August that I should still be able to find it for some time.
  8. I have already spotted it in the evening on Monday and Tuesday this week. It was a pretty easy find with modest binoculars. Once I knew its location, spotting with the naked eye was easier. I'm going to a darker sky location this weekend for a better view.
  9. I used the panoramic mode on an iPhone 10. Most of the "skill" involved was just luck in timing with the sunset shining on the upper level clouds. Funny thing is...the storm never made it to me. It fell apart and ended up as a light drizzle.
  10. Yep, I have two daughters - they're about to turn 4 and 2. I married late and had kids later, so raising these young 'ens in my early 40s has been a good challenge. But I hope I can guide them to appreciate weather and gardening as they get older.
  11. I haven't had trouble with pests yet, but I gave an evil eye to the bunny I spotted in the neighbor's yard - we'll see if he got the memo.
  12. Caught this shelf cloud in Hilton Head Island, SC last week.
  13. How are the forum gardens fairing? Here's a pic of my corn.
  14. Finally got some plants in the ground yesterday...with a little help from my youngest.
  15. This is my first year growing it myself. My stepdad gave me the seed a few years ago from his crop and it's been in my freezer since. This is my first garden in 4 years, so I'm excited about it. I'm just a couple of miles east of downtown Knoxville, so it's a difficult decision. From what I understand, the first 48 hours are critical for germination, so I either need to go now or wait until it warms up again.
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