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  1. I haven't had trouble with pests yet, but I gave an evil eye to the bunny I spotted in the neighbor's yard - we'll see if he got the memo.
  2. Caught this shelf cloud in Hilton Head Island, SC last week.
  3. How are the forum gardens fairing? Here's a pic of my corn.
  4. Finally got some plants in the ground yesterday...with a little help from my youngest.
  5. This is my first year growing it myself. My stepdad gave me the seed a few years ago from his crop and it's been in my freezer since. This is my first garden in 4 years, so I'm excited about it. I'm just a couple of miles east of downtown Knoxville, so it's a difficult decision. From what I understand, the first 48 hours are critical for germination, so I either need to go now or wait until it warms up again.
  6. I have some heirloom Hickory Cane Corn to put out. Should I wait out the cold snap this weekend or go for it now? Thoughts?
  7. Hard to say. I looked at temps on wunderground and it looks like a little warm nose trying to push up west of the plateau ahead of the main warm front.
  8. I've seen that page too. The page hypes about every GFS fantasy storm that pops up. Those thousands of followers swear by the page's "forecasts." I can't help myself to occasionally comment and attempt to educate a few of those thousands.
  9. The 06z Euro backed off a little on that 594 dcm ridge at 90h. Let's see if the 12z suite follows that trend or doubles down.
  10. Yesterday around 5 pm, it appeared to me that a few cumulus had formed in the wake of the smoke. I wondered if the smoke/heat provided a little extra lift in that area, but thought I was nuts for thinking so. I was in the powell area around 8 pm when that second trailing storm passed south of the fire and noticed on radar (and outside observations) that the outflow boundary from the second cell pushed the smoke further north into the halls and powell area. The smell was distinct.
  11. Just posting to make sure this subform is still working. MRX WWA stands out like a sore thumb.
  12. Found this gem from WFO Louisville for all of you severe weather trackers. SvrWx_Fcstg_TipSheet.pdf
  13. That's why I put question marks because it doesn't exactly line up (obviously the map isn't designed to be to scale). The vertical drops seem to match dam heights, but the placement relative to other features doesn't seem to fit in correctly. Here are some longitude coordinates of the dams: Norris: -84.1, Fontana: -83.8, Ft. Loudoun: -84.2, Chickamauga: -85.2, Watts Bar: -84.8. Also interesting in this graphic, Knoxville is set too far east. On the map it is -83.4ish, in reality it is -83.8 (confluence of Holston and French Broad Rivers). Weather must be slow when we are dissecting a river watershed graphic.