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  1. Basically all sleet now. I'm surprised it's switched over so quickly. The snow was coming down really hard a few minutes ago! .
  2. Well the snow potential from this storm certainly died a quick death.
  3. Think they meant "could be" not "good be"
  4. Hoping we get more than an inch in Forsyth County .
  5. I don't see Winston getting any more than this to be honest.
  6. Moisture is back in Winston Salem on Stratford road. Looks to be a mix right now. .
  7. We live right by each other! Can confirm the snow has transitioned to sleet. .
  8. The GFSv16 is dropping a bomb on WNC and the Piedmont this run.
  9. No reason to run any more models. Let's just stick with this one and call it a day.
  10. Appears the cold arrived in Winston just in time to push the moisture out. .
  11. Snowing in Winston-Salem right now. Little tiny pellets. .
  12. Snowing buckets in Winston but nothing piling up. 34 degrees.
  13. Minor (and I mean minor) precipitation fell briefly in Winston-Salem on Stratford Road. Looked like snow mixed with sleet. Nothing more at the moment. Dew point has risen from 44% to now 73%
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