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  1. Snowing in Winston-Salem right now. Little tiny pellets. .
  2. Snowing buckets in Winston but nothing piling up. 34 degrees.
  3. Minor (and I mean minor) precipitation fell briefly in Winston-Salem on Stratford Road. Looked like snow mixed with sleet. Nothing more at the moment. Dew point has risen from 44% to now 73%
  4. The more I I read the storm thread, the more it hurts. And since I'm a masochist I decided to come here. For what it's worth, at least the storm looked beautiful on the NAM two days ago!
  5. My brother lives in Apex and says it is sleeting right now.
  6. Honestly, how much stock should we put into the Euro when this time yesterday the model showed almost nothing for the majority of the state? I am glad to see it's coming around to the NAM, though.
  7. North Carolina gets absolutely demolished this run.
  8. This is the 24-hr accumulated snowfall map.
  9. ICON is slow in bringing the freezing temperatures in, but is much more in line with the current NAM run.