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  1. I'll believe it when there's wintry precip hitting my face
  2. I wish I could remain hopeful but all signs are showing the cold is just not going to be there.
  3. The change in temperature from hour 144 to 150 seems a bit drastic.
  4. I'd hate to be at the NC/SC border if this holds.
  5. I'm hearing ice hit my window when the wind blows. .
  6. Had a foot here in Winston-Salem when I measured about an hour ago. This is wild .
  7. Very windy in Winston-Salem. Snow is accumulating on my back deck! .
  8. GFS not looking too bad for the Piedmont Triad area at 12z Sunday.
  9. It's snowing on Stratford Road in Winston-Salem, NC.
  10. It's beautiful! It's times like these that make me miss my college days up there.