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  1. It is an interesting idea and potential, which has shown up at that time now and then. I'm not overly enthused right now, but, well, I guess it bears watching. WTF else have we got, right?!?!
  2. Haha, that scene was hilarious! "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" is a great film...a Thanksgiving movie that leads you into the Holiday season! It also has one of the most epic movie rants ever by Steve Martin, up there with Chevy Chase in "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" when he gets the "jelly of the month club" bonus! Now that I think of it, this is essentially how this entire winter has felt!! (ETA: If Steve Martin were a snow weenie talking about this winter, he might be there at the car rental desk saying "I want a f*cking snowstorm sometime during this f*cking miserable winter, I don't f*cking care how!" The lady at the desk would ask, "Do you have any clown maps that show this?" Steve Martin: "I f*cking threw them away when they f*cking showed me nothing!" Lady at counter: "Oh, no...you're F*CKED!")
  3. So they're replaying it over and over and over again?
  4. Who are the "Redskins"?? They've now gone "Commander"!! Ha! Well, try being from Cleveland and enduring a litany of sports failure and agony! (Other than the NBA championship in 2016 of course)!!
  5. Sliced avocadoes as opposed to a whole one dumping into the US...a little better look!
  6. Seriously...newbies!!! If you want to go pro, dump some brine on that window!!
  7. With or without anything wintry, you're all set to go man!! But...what's with all that wasted space on the bottom shelf with milk and eggs? Think of how much more beer you could put in there. At least throw a tub of Helluva-Good dip in there too! Easy solution...all he has to do is drink a few of those and relieve some of the weight on the top shelf.
  8. The Silence of the Lows (complete with fava beans, and a nice chianti!) or how about... Raiders of the Lost Archambault
  9. If snow is all that you love, then that's what you'll receive!
  10. We're truly in bizzarro world when @Ji is being all positive! But if it gets us a good snow before this winter is out, so be it!!
  11. Right...very true. I was only commenting on what stood out to me for that one event. And in that case there's a clear Arctic high pushing in with some legit cold air. But what you say is frustrating (concerning, even?). There doesn't even seem to be any real cold air with those two events you show, even in the midwest.
  12. Yeah, no kidding! Another perfect track rain storm! Seems like the cold air coming in behind the front associated with the wave in Canada doesn't come in fast enough. The storm of interest that rains on us is moving in sync with the one in Canada, and only after it's gone does the colder air come in as the high in the upper midwest pushes east.
  13. Dontcha know that we've moved on from that event, and on to the fantasy the GFS was showing earlier around Feb. 11!!
  14. Good points. I don't have a horse in this race or a dog in this fight, but honestly...Philly has just simply dominated from what I've seen. SF also shot themselves right in the foot with that crucial turnover at the end of the 1st half. If that didn't happen, the game might well have a totally different complexion right now.
  15. That's very...CRAS...of you! (oh and while I'm thinking of it and of bad puns...why do you have such HASStility toward avocadoes lately??)
  16. Right. It's very easy to get all caught up in the weeds (every detail of every model run!), and I admit to doing that somewhat myself at times. It's pretty evident what the character of this winter has been. I have joked about "hell, let's just go for the shutout, who cares at this point!", but in all honesty I kind of think along the same lines you do. We'll see snow. It may not be at the most ideal time that many in here care for (late Feb or Mar), but I think we'll see something other than a slushy coating. Not sure why, but I would not be surprised at all if we get a decent, trackable event heading into March. Or something that kind of sneaks up on us. Not a big storm, but something of warning-level criteria. Maybe I feel like this because that has happened before, where we get a consolation prize of sorts near the end of winter after a craptastic season. Or I'm just crazy for hoping, LOL!! Probably more of the latter.
  17. Complete shutout this winter is far more likely than the Iggles losing!
  18. C'mon, drag that one-county wide area of snow up here!!
  19. So earlier today I was out at a Home Depot, and happened to walk down the window blinds aisle. Honestly, they looked quite shitty to me.
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