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  1. Still the WTFs, no matter the actual name change!!
  2. Agree. Yeah, the penalty at the end sucked but it's not what decided the game, really. Philly kind of shot themselves in the foot especially with that 1st half fumble return. And they really needed one of those FGs they got to actually be a TD when they were deep enough in the red zone. But they stayed in there resiliently through the game, to be sure. Still, it would have been quite an ending if there wasn't the penalty (all controversy and argument about the call aside), and the Eagles got the ball back for one last drive with a halfway decent amount of time left! Leaves one to speculate...would the Chiefs had held them off and won?...would the Eagles have managed a quick drive and TD?...or a FG to send it to overtime (and from there, ???). Sorry for you and @psuhoffman that the Eagles lost. I didn't have a horse in this race, but was kind of hoping Philly would pull out the win. But it was an exciting game for sure, one of better ones I can recall (OK, the famous "helmet catch" when NY beat the then-undefeated Patriots was perhaps THE most intense and exciting SB!).
  3. I await a dissertation on why so many calls are overturned nowadays, compared to back in the day, and that referee analogues are just not as good now. It might even be due to...that phrase we cannot mention!...but it could just be part of the normal cycle of how calls are reviewed and who is reviewing the plays. Oh, wait...Iggles scored anyhow, TD!!! (Too bad our winter can't do the same thing, and we get a snowstorm anyhow!!!)
  4. So...you're not anticipating a defensive struggle!
  5. So, is everyone ready for the SUPERB OWL???? https://www.salon.com/2023/02/12/superb-owl-sunday/
  6. Oh...I thought you were referring to the "500 Free Spins" that you get!!
  7. LOL that is kind of ironic! But man, I'm really sorry you had to deal with that all the same...getting COVID and having a bum flu shot. At least they contacted you so you can go get another one. And at least there weren't any bad effects of getting a vaccine stored at the wrong temperature. That would make me a bit nervous!
  8. But the most pressing question is how much do they have for Short Pump.
  9. Ohhh, I see! But Vienna wieners in jello Spaghettios is perfectly fine!
  10. @H2O...here ya go! A Spaghettios pizza!! Totally sacrilegious!!! Bleah!
  11. OK, so, I'm guessing no fans here of Hawaiian pizza???
  12. To paraphrase Master Shifu from "Kung Fu Panda"... "When you focus on snow, when you concentrate...you stink!"
  13. FYP...that will help, drink plenty of WINE!! Joking, but I thought a little levity would help. I know what you mean. Hopefully it won't get into a deep cough or anything like that. Do take care of yourself!! You're here posting on this board so you must be doing halfway decent, LOL!!
  14. Right. Get this damned thing as dynamic as possible. Or more "exotic", as @brooklynwx99 worded it the other day! I know this is a very low probability event and extremely marginal. So what the heck...might as well go big or go home here, not like we have anything to lose right now. Get that thing to be as dynamic as possible and hope maybe we get the paste job, but if it's rain, whatever...that's probably more likely anyhow. But I'll root for the slight chance this could actually be interesting. I know mentioning March 6, 2013 is banned, much like Boxing Day 2010 (see what I did there? I just committed 2 sins in one sentence mentioning those events hahaha!). But this is in some ways similar or reminiscent. We got screwed on that because the upper low was too far south, and got alternating white rain and rain all day long. It sucked. Meanwhile, the area outside Richmond scored big because they were right in line with the best dynamics (which was supposed to be more up in this area originally). As I recall, that was likewise a very marginal event that depended upon rates and strong dynamic cooling.
  15. I've heard Paxlovid is very effective but there's a tendency to have a sort of "relapse" once you stop taking it. I don't know all the details or why it would "come back" after finishing a course of the drug. Maybe now they taper you off more, to avoid that? I also haven't heard if Paxlovid is effective against the latest mutations of COVID, but I would think probably so at least to some extent. That sucks man, sorry you got it! I actually had COVID back last April. Fortunately I had by then gotten the original series of 2 shots and the booster, so my symptoms weren't too bad. More like a moderate cold, but no severe cough and no fever. I also felt a bit tired. But it more or less cleared up in a few days or so. Got the bivalent booster this past fall. Hope you don't have anything severe!!!
  16. Does Lucy's dress count as digital blue?? If so, N MD PUMMELLED!!
  17. Sadly, I fear that snow won't cure that issue!! But we do need snow badly all the same!
  18. But Chill never said "exotic"!! OK...first dibs on a name here for any potential thread if this stupid thing materializes...We'll call it the "Exotic Storm." With all due credit and hat tip to @brooklynwx99 of course!
  19. Yeah I'm not quite sure how or why the GFS is doing that. It digs that damned wave so much that it cuts off as you say. And it's incredibly sharp as it does so. Literally would be like a snow bomb as depicted. Exotic indeed. Well, upon looking just a bit more at that loop you show, seems like the trough in the west which digs down past AZ might actually be causing or assisting the one to the east on the other side of the ridge to do what it does? Maybe pumps that ridge just enough so that the downstream trough in the east can cut off?
  20. It is an interesting idea and potential, which has shown up at that time now and then. I'm not overly enthused right now, but, well, I guess it bears watching. WTF else have we got, right?!?!
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