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  1. Yup...March 5, 2015. We had rain overnight and into the early morning on the 5th (and had icing a day before that). Then there was a lull as temperatures dropped with a cold front, and the main low then tracked along the front. Snowed from about 9AM through 4PM, I got 6.5" snow from that and it was quite cold through the afternoon that day. Following day on the 6th it also remained below freezing.
  2. Such mood swings over frozen water that falls from the sky!
  3. Oh darn...I thought that was the fall foliage outlook (lots of reds and oranges and some yellow)!
  4. I say he should just take his journal and toss it into the fires of Mount Doom!
  5. Can't say I've really ever seen a primary in Lake Superior and a redevelopment off OBX before, but whatever. Doesn't matter in the end, the thermals are a wreck.
  6. But unfortunately the last 3 straight have dug that damned shortwave well into the southwest to varying degrees. And the Euro has done the same.
  7. Haha! I figured it was from December sometime but honestly couldn't recall if you or Ralph said it first (it just became an incorporated description of a deep vortex ever since!).
  8. And 6 of the bottom 10 are in the 2000s (5 of those after 2010)!!
  9. Interesting how 2009-10 is "only" ranked #5 and "only" an A-. But upon further thought, the first top 4 were pre-DCA measurements and I guess it was colder overall and more days with >1". And as expected 2009-10 has the highest "big storm" bonus, but in thinking of it, that's pretty much all we got that winter, big storms. A little surprising, 2013-14 is lower than I would have thought at #31 and a mere C+. Seems that so far the only thing that kept this winter slightly better than the all-time worst of 1997-98 is that DCA got just a bit more snow (0.4" vs. 0.1").
  10. Egg on avocado toast, maybe?? (ETA: I actually got one of those Squishable avocado pillow things for my daughter years ago, she thought it was overly cute! And it is. She named it "Guaqui" LOL!!!)
  11. Right. Those means at this range, can be highly influenced by one huge solution or a few really bad ones (i.e., zero), so it washes out. The ops GFS essentially was an extreme "ensemble" member itself, in a way.
  12. If the ops GFS could still nearly pull it off with that extreme trough and solution, imagine what an even somewhat less digging trough would do?
  13. LOL, oh I totally got the Seinfeld reference! That was a funny episode, too!
  14. Wow, I come in here looking for a possible snowstorm and all I see is Mulva! I guess that's better than caterpillars and other bugs!
  15. Dude, you get Barney'd...digital purple over your house on the CMC!
  16. Well, folks...we get our first wild ops solution for this upcoming period, courtesy of the CMC. And as I said above, the GFS almost hinted at the same thing the CMC showed, but it phases too late and too far offshore for that same event. Hopefully very interesting times ahead, and something that will actually produce a good snow.
  17. Damn that thing just slows down, sits and spins... (ETA: The GFS kinda sorta hints at the same thing but it phases too late and too far offshore.)
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