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  1. True, maybe mine at the time you saw it was the latest one. Sorry if I sounded a bit prickly, but I realized you weren't really trying to point a finger at me. I still stand by my overall sentiment that one should not have to take action like that just to avoid seeing those kinds of derailing posts...but as I said, probably the best solution even if not ideal.
  2. Fair enough and I probably should do that. But please don't single mine out as the one responding to his posts when several others have as well. Besides, whether or not people put him (or anyone) on ignore and/or stop quoting his posts has never stopped him from continuing the same regardless. The onus should really not be on others to "opt out" just to escape his incessant childish remarks, but unfortunately that's about the best one can do.
  3. Maybe we can go full-on New England forum length and go with: "The Leaking Gut International Fanny Pack Day Miracle Event of Epic (for March in La Nina anyway) Proportions as Eastern Standard Time Goes Out Like a Lion Storm"
  4. Then watching the evening news with the school closings crawl, hoping yours would be listed!
  5. Same. This is a highly dynamic system, can't ask for much more at this time of year. I definitely get LWX being conservative for now and as I said, they made it clear in their discussion that they want to see the latest morning/afternoon guidance before pulling any triggers in terms of expanding the advisory area. But even still, the current forecast makes it evident that tomorrow will be a rough day out. They also did mention the likelihood of wind headlines, which is no surprise.
  6. Agree. I would hope we can score a decent, solid 2-4" event in most areas (there will be more for the N/W folks obviously). This could be a neat memorable event to see off the winter! Snow, wind, sharply falling temperatures! ETA: After this event, I'd be perfectly content to go full-on @mappy for spring!! Not that there's much choice, because there's literally nothing wintry afterward!
  7. LOL yeah, juuuuust a tad! I am confident they won't be keeping the forecast static from what it is currently. And will change as needed later on today.
  8. So if this event works out tomorrow, should we change the thread title to "The Eastern Standard Time Goes Out Like A Lion Storm"??
  9. I am sure they will update if and when needed. Their discussion earlier this morning mentioned that they wanted to assess the guidance that comes in this morning and early afternoon.
  10. GFS has trended colder (especially from its 18Z run yesterday), just looking at the 2-m temperatures at 12Z tomorrow. It's nearly freezing in the metro areas.
  11. Definitely. And this is a highly dynamic setup which helps a lot I'm sure. I suppose this is how they can get similar heavy snow events (relatively speaking) in more southern areas late in the season, even as they also would have a higher sun angle and warmer antecedent ground.
  12. Regarding the "cut back" amounts on the NAM, I wonder how much of this has to do with the SLP placement. Notice at 12Z it is much farther northeast (appears to go where the convection is??). I'm using the 10m wind/SLP plot here from TT because it's less busy and you can see the "L" more clearly than the regular radar/SLP plot:
  13. That's no problem, I get your just wanting spring to get here and stay. Honestly, I'm fine with that myself, after this blast of winter tomorrow. And like I said in the other thread, TULIPS! LOL! Besides, I'd rather read your "don't want snow" comments in a thread that's looking for snow, than Ji's drive-by bombs of incessant childish whining!
  14. Yeah, normally if this were just a bit of white rain with chillier temperatures I wouldn't really care and would think "blah!" But I have to say I'm really into it now given the highly dynamic setup and blast of cold/winter for a day! It'll be in the 60s next week, but it's kinda cool to have winter go out with a literal bang! Just keep thinking TULIPS! They are coming in about another month I believe!! And yes, when they do, photos will be forthcoming!
  15. That seems to be the most notable trend across all models from what I see. Dare I speculate this could sneak its way to an area-wide 2-4" event? In any event, with the wind and temperature drop it's shaping up to feel brutal out starting late morning in the merto areas.
  16. Well, nobody is forcing you to join the quest! It's almost St. Patrick's Day, so it's the time of leprechauns, pots of gold at the end of a rainbow, and I guess unicorns too!
  17. Thanks, Bob. Appreciate your comments and I agree with most everything you say here. I certainly believe humans have impacted the climate, evidence shows that, and it's happened over a relatively short period of time relative to the scale of eras and whatnot. To what extent or how much it will affect future climate conditions, I don't know exactly. Besides any "climate" concerns, I strongly feel it's a very good idea for us folks to do what we can to take care of things just for our own health and existence. I've felt for some time that we eventually really need to get off our dependence on dead dinosaurs for energy. You mention the climo lines creeping north, and it made me think of something, though this is anecdotal. My home town of Cleveland and northeast Ohio is well north of that "creeping line" (at least for awhile!) compared to here. What I've noticed is that they seem to get more juicy winter events compared to what I grew up with; not to mention lake effect. I think this is reflected in their average snowfall, which has gone up over the years. KCLE averaged about the mid-50" range for snow annually when I was growing up...it's now like 60" or so. I think that's a result of what you mentioned. New England I guess is perhaps in a similar place in that regard.
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