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  1. That's really cool! Yeah it's a great place, I go over there and walk around quite often. I bet it was an awesome place for your wedding; they have weddings or other events there essentially every weekend from spring through early fall.
  2. Have to say, I've never had a photo "weenie" tagged before!!!
  3. Well, OK...one more. Same Japanese maple I shared earlier, but with more snow coating the branches (Audubon nature center)
  4. Couple more photos from today. Downy woodpecker (Audubon nature center) Wooded area at Audubon nature center (snow facilitates itself so well to black and white!)
  5. LOL!! Oh yeah, right!! Hey, I need coffee! OK...closing my eyes. It's a white-out, my snow board got blown to the next neighborhood. I'd estimate 50-60MPH gusts now. That work??
  6. Rain changed to sleet then snow around 8AM here in Chevy Chase/Bethesda. Coming down at a decent clip, sometimes with larger flakes. About 0.5" now, I'd estimate, covering the grass and cars. Some roads and walkways are covered a bit too. No real wind yet, though there was a burst of wind very early morning (around 5AM-ish). Eyballing the wind like @Bob Chill, I'd estimate 5-10 MPH. Went out to the Audubon nature center to get some photos, will try to upload some later. It was so peaceful there with snow falling, nobody else was around.
  7. I couldn't attend PSU's zoom call...anyone have a bit of a summary of what came out of that, any assessment of things, etc.?
  8. GFS isn't all that out of line or different, other than the kind of ridiculous 18Z run earlier. If you check 18Z yesterday through 00 tonight, you can see that. Sure, it's not like the 18Z, but it's still quite good overall.
  9. I checked the ICON (sucks!!!) just to see earlier and it does indeed look better than it did in previous runs.
  10. I can easily see the northern MD counties near the PA line getting upgraded. And maybe the western VA counties too. Not sure of the remainder of the advisory area but we'll see! Either way, it should be fun tomorrow I hope!!!
  11. Hmmm, my memory is vague here, what are you referring to exactly???
  12. Hey...Jackson Pollock don't need no stinkin' key!! Besides, the legend is interspersed in all the mess anyhow.
  13. Yeah, probably won't meet the "technical" definition. But I'd think near-blizzard conditions are possible in some places.
  14. You forgot to include the random, wandering black line that has no reference.
  15. This storm may rival my "favorite smaller event." Currently it's the Feb. 14, 2015 Arctic front that dumped 2" where I'm at in under 2 hours, on a blast of wind and cold.
  16. Yup, I think we wrap up the quest after tomorrow...until next winter!
  17. It's close, but I guess depending on rates and the overall column is crashing, I'd think all or mostly snow at that time (this is 8AM/13Z, at KDCA):
  18. Yellowed and light-oranged!! Been awhile since I've seen those probabilities where I'm at, this close in to an event!
  19. There's always the Murphy's Law that goes, "You can't win, you can't break even, you can't even quit the game!"
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