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  1. Thought my rain gauge might be busted as it registered .93 inches for last night but then checked the NWS site and Plymouth airport and they had over an inch. Well needed! PYM : Plymouth : 82 / 61 / 1.06
  2. This is embarrassing in my view, Ocean is almost flat in Plymouth and waves in Marshfield aren't much to speak of. LOCATIONS...Eastern Plymouth MA and Eastern Essex MA. * TIMING...Until 6 PM EDT this evening. * SURF ZONE IMPACTS...Up to 7 foot breaking waves will be dangerous to anyone who enters the surf.
  3. These aren't great but took them earlier. I got home just before this road was closed. It's called Sacrifice Rock and only way into the Ridge section of Pine Hills.
  4. My station at my home in Plymouth measured 5.04 inches. Happy that it seems to be fairly accurate. Not happy that the only road into our neighborhood is decimated. Closed due to sink holes and other extensive damage. Trapped at home for now......
  5. I agree James, we'll probably get a quick 1 to 3 tonight. We'll get a big one down this way before the winter is over.....hopefully!
  6. 6 inches at the canal huh? That is laughable! How long have you lived on the Cape? I've lived in Southern New England my entire 57 years of life so I have a clue about the Cape climo. Just moved from Pepperell (their 20 years) to South Plymouth and as much as I'd love to get a wintry storm tonight/tomorrow, I know damn well it ain't happening. I don't have the skills that a lot of people have on this board so I don't even attempt to give forecasts but am a weather nut (especially since the Blizzard of 78) and love reading their thoughts. James, I have to say though, you are usually good for a laugh. Thanks! Get your rain coat out for tomorrow, it's going to be coming down hard in the morning.
  7. I grew up in Dedham so closer to the spots I went to growing up. I am loving Plymouth! The downtown area/waterfront is awesome, love Myles Standish State Forest and it is great being close to the Cape also. Pepperell was a great location if you love a good snow storm but like you said, I'll still experience a good snowstorm now and again.
  8. I can see why I'd be banned, too funny. It's a new world for me. I moved from Pepperell, where I had lived for close to 20 years (thus the name Snowbelt) to Plymouth in July. It's going to be frustrating when it's raining here and dumping to the Northwest this winter but I'm getting too old for all the shoveling that I was doing.
  9. 70 degrees with full sunshine, just spectacular out right now.
  10. 8 inches here in the last 3 hours under this band. Up to 18 total and still coming down moderately.
  11. 12 inches in Pepperell, 2 inches in last 45 minutes. This band keeps rocking....playing catch up.