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  1. If I remember correctly, it was an upper level low and the deform band dumped snow in one spot.
  2. If I remember correctly, that was an upper level low where the deformation band set up over you for hours.
  3. Any other models showing this storm? I didn't purchase the model suite this year and have to admit, it feels good asking that question. It's probably been since 2005 since I've asked that... We do have weekend rule on our side.
  4. I laughed at this so it'll probably happen...LOL!
  5. There are perks to being single in your 50's!
  6. I agree! I ended up becoming a member at a couple of golf courses here. If winters are going to be warmer and no snow, I might as well enjoy being on the golf course...LOL! And as a single dad of 2 older daughters, I can do that.
  7. My parents moved to Cary in '73 and I was 4 so I remember those 70's winters also. Those winters were so much colder.
  8. I'm one of the few that grew up in Cary, NC and it's amazing how different winters are now in comparison to the 80's. It seemed we always had 2 good winter storms a year. Now we're lucky to get 2 good winter storms a decade...LOL! That's part of the reason I'm not on the board much anymore. I got tired of getting the Charlie Brown football/Lucy routine pulled on me all the time. Now after at least 15 years on weather boards the disappointment isn't as bad because you actually expect the models to change to either a warmer solution or to shift north. Now bring on the 7 out of 8 days of rain...
  9. Winter model runs like this is what keeps bringing you back! It’s sort of like the one good shot you hit on the golf course. Lol!
  10. Perfect! I'd much rather see a POSSIBLE storm 9 days out show up too far south. I've been burned by the north trend for at least 15 years...LOL!
  11. Yep, I just saw and heard it.
  12. I agree that this definitely looks like a western NC hit. Going negative tilt too early for the eastern part of NC.
  13. You went old school on us! LOL!