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  1. I don't take each run of the models at long range as the gospel. I look at trends and one thing is for certain there is a lot of energy flying around and with the winter solstice on our heels.There's somthing about season changes that gets things interesting my biggest snows here in marion was early to mid Dec and of course 93. Definitely has my attention anyway hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving y'all. I truly love this time of year. This ole mountain crew holds a special place in my heart. So cheers my friends heres to getting fat and late night euro runs lol God bless!!!
  3. Fun times ahead fellas. Always love this time of year. Nothing beats the holiday season with cold weather and potential snow especially in the mountains!
  4. Great shot you can see almost all of mcdowell county in this. I can almost see my house i live at the foot of the gorge bottom of 105.
  5. Yeah what it does in the near term can have huge implications as to the track down the road landfall, wind field expansion, ext alot of variable's at play.
  6. Geez And I thought emotions ran high during snowstorms I'ma track this thing in this thread with more level headed people lol back to regular programming......
  7. Looks like a lil snow trying to develop south of chesterfield s.c any posters in that area?
  8. I like GSP'S morning afd it said to keep an eye on the forecast for the next 24 hrs for possible signfigant changes lol
  9. I think I'm to far west but upstate peeps and along 85 in nc I'm rooting hard for you guys.
  10. Well this is aging well. We got the NAM and were guna ride it till the wheels fall off the lugs are already loose were guna crash and burn for sure who cares. Lol
  11. If and BIG if here that verified wonder what the top analoges would be. I don't like how the cold air has to play catch up and the fact its late March.
  12. Its a ULL not your typical southern system but interesting.