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  1. I just saw a flake!!!! Holy $hit.......oh wait just a cigarette ash lol Good luck guys I got the yota all gased up my son can barley walk from layers were good to go!!!
  2. Good luck Mark, I hope you get hammered I know the kids will enjoy it. My son's already glued to the window asking every min when it's going to snow lol
  3. I was on my way through the gorge when it rolled through. Nice pic
  4. I'm sure the nam is amped...but WRF and RGEM both has snow breaking out in all of WNC at the end of there runs 48hr. I remember a weak wave in March of 14 I think that produced 3in here in marion. NWS went with flurries the night before when all of short range guidence was all over it GSP even said when it was over that it met warning criteria but it was to late to issue point is systems like this are sneaky.
  5. I could see even our area pick up a dusting to a half inch in places if it's heavy enough temps are warm if we can get it in here by 12z i think we got a shot.
  6. Couldn't have said it better my friend one thing's for sure too it's been wet with no end in sight all we need is to get that cold air and we could be in bussiness I know it's wishful but definitely in the realm of possibilities. There a lot of truth in the ole saying we need the cold first not enough to suppress but in our neck of the woods to be tapped anyway having cold air like we have on our side of the hemisphere is a plus in my book.
  7. There's to much cold air up in Canada for me to throw in the towel just yet for anybody really. I do like to get a good snow before FEB bc it produces more of a mix (waa,more amped,ect) but it has produced for All of us too. I dont like analogs anymore there's to much change going on call it gw or whatever you like we're just in a whole other ballpark than even 10-15 years ago imho. So I'm generally a realist but to cliff dive for anyone at this point is funny yeah the decks stacked in your favor but if you enjoy that it's time for a new hobby or state.
  8. Went across Old hwy 105 last night of course I forgot my phone lol But anyway solid 30+ gusts with moderate snow it was a nice surprise for sure.
  9. It's crazy watching the transition line during a storm how it litterly follows 85. Don't feel bad I've watched a many NW flow snow to my north by 15 miles on the out looking in. Sunny and 50 at my house while areas above 3000ft get slammed so damn close you can smell it.
  10. Depends on your area too this has NW of 85 written all over it as usual. Even the 850s on the cmc if that were the outcome are very marginal.
  11. The trends are our friends fellas cmc, euro and even the recent navgem have all shifted more in our favor I know the euro still a little to fast but baby steps at this point is great we got time...
  12. It's cool to keep your expectations down but I wouldn't write this one off along and north of 85 NC/SC. It's going to bomb out along the coast more than likely question is where? I wouldn't be surprised to see a bigger precip field blossom further NW just need enough caa. A lot of typical thread the needle perfect timing ECT I know but ive seen worse produce and not just for my neck of the woods (mtns/foothills) I'm just glad to have something to track before Christmas even if it doesn't pan out.
  13. 32.0/31.0 After hovering around 31.8 since midnight wa starting to see temps near 40 above 4000ft. light glaze nothing major and bucket look up brown mtn lights if you havent already maybe a possibility theres several legends about them.
  14. 34..8/19.7....mostly clear some high level clouds to my south