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  1. Yeah what it does in the near term can have huge implications as to the track down the road landfall, wind field expansion, ext alot of variable's at play.
  2. Geez And I thought emotions ran high during snowstorms I'ma track this thing in this thread with more level headed people lol back to regular programming......
  3. Looks like a lil snow trying to develop south of chesterfield s.c any posters in that area?
  4. I like GSP'S morning afd it said to keep an eye on the forecast for the next 24 hrs for possible signfigant changes lol
  5. I think I'm to far west but upstate peeps and along 85 in nc I'm rooting hard for you guys.
  6. Well this is aging well. We got the NAM and were guna ride it till the wheels fall off the lugs are already loose were guna crash and burn for sure who cares. Lol
  7. If and BIG if here that verified wonder what the top analoges would be. I don't like how the cold air has to play catch up and the fact its late March.
  8. Its a ULL not your typical southern system but interesting.
  9. Yeah not looking too good on the mud I would have already got the garden plowed but ain't getting my tractor stuck in this mess of sh!t lol How's my buddy doing we got a meet up for a burger at bonnie and clydes this summer let u meet the fam.
  10. We're due for a hundred year flood if we continue the rain through the summer and get a tropical storm to roll throu.....yikes is all I'm guns say. Next week looks interesting for us mtn folk too. Winter's last gasp probley.
  11. The Tuesday threat or whatever all depends if a meso low sets up in upstate South Carolina ive been watching this for several days. Wouldn't be surprised to see snow showers break out along and north of 85 on tuesday at some point.
  12. Moderate sleet 38° here at the base of short off mtn lake James nebo area in McDowell county getting ready to hop in the yoter for a spin up the mtn.
  13. Patiently waiting for my glaze of ice with a pinger mixed in if I'm lucky I'll be out tonight up on top Linville mountain on hwy105 somewhere along the escarpment is guna be the battle zone.
  14. It wouldn't surprise me with today's climate. Breaking new records every year is the norm I guess.
  15. That's what I was thinking 12z runs have trended in our favor. The more sleet the better I'm not expecting to much if any snow just depends if the 700s are still below when the precipitation moves in witch is what the RGEM was showing threading the needle like always.
  16. I agree perfect spot just wish we had cold air in place before hand then us peeps further south would be in a whole other ball game.
  17. I guess this is my yearly rant lol There's no need to be jealous of people that live NW of 85 due to more snow because it's not always the case I've got just as many variables against me as people who live down east when it comes to snow downsloping elevation dependent blah blah blah the list goes on. I live directly at the base of the Linville gorge Google it and come visit it's awesome Grand canyon of the east but idk how many times if looked out my window and watching snow pour above 2000 feet it drives me nuts I get one good storm a year on average and been several years in a row with none. Point is we all love snow no need to be jealous or sarcastic if you don't like we're you live move it's that simple.
  18. I was just looking at that hopefully it will trend more toward the fv3 its been consistent with something wintry in that time-frame.
  19. I havent completely written off Wednesdays potential on some freezing rain sleet maybe some wet snow at onset. Especially if that hp to our north is in NY and a tick stronger.
  20. Lol I know what they are and people south and east of 85 knows it takes more than just threading the needle lol