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  1. I live a mile off this exit. Everything is accumulating pretty quickly now.
  2. You’re right. 264 does run beside my house (the circle) where the darker blue turns into lighter blue, which kinda strengthens my point. I am at intersection of 540 and 264. Just being facetious about how so many times there is a line of light precip and dark precip the drives down hwy 264.
  3. So over the last 10 years I’ve occasionally posted this extraordinary phenomenon of how storms love riding Hwy 64 and you guys had a field day (nicely) making fun of me but I swear to God each storm does this and I can literally walk to the next subdivision who has 2” more than me. Lol
  4. Yeah i saw this too and responded. He lost his shit and deleted it.
  5. 39 in Knightdale. Dropped 2 degrees in last 15 minutes. According to RAH we expect 1” around here. My expectations are exceedingly lower.
  6. I have 59 times now. Lol. Usually in obs threads
  7. I have lurked here since pretty much the inception of this board.
  8. Mike Maze just now updated from 6-9" 24 minutes ago to 2.4" now.
  9. I just saw this. I am unbelievably confused by the huge differences in each Met on each channel.
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