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  1. Yeah i saw this too and responded. He lost his shit and deleted it.
  2. Not as much as Raleigh but beautiful in Knightdale
  3. Well this is helpful. I am bottom right under the blue worm.
  4. I got nada in Knightdale, 5 miles east of Raleigh
  5. 39 in Knightdale. Dropped 2 degrees in last 15 minutes. According to RAH we expect 1” around here. My expectations are exceedingly lower.
  6. I have 59 times now. Lol. Usually in obs threads
  7. I have lurked here since pretty much the inception of this board.
  8. Mike Maze just now updated from 6-9" 24 minutes ago to 2.4" now.
  9. I just saw this. I am unbelievably confused by the huge differences in each Met on each channel.
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