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  1. April 2018 General Discussion

    65/24. The first perfect day of the season. Shame it took us until late April for that though.
  2. Seasonal Snowfall totals?

    41.9” Decently above the 32-34” average at CR airport. I wish this snowfall rally came in January and not April though.
  3. April 12th-15th Winter Storm

    So do the mosquitos.
  4. Apr 15 2018 severe weather thread

    That TDS was over 20kft deep too. This is from RAX at an altitude of 20,400ft, with a ~120mph G2G couplet ongoing.
  5. Apr 15 2018 severe weather thread

  6. Spring 2018 Banter and Complaint Office

    I need warmth. Absolutely sick of snow.
  7. Also wasn't trying to be snarky, I legit was having a hard time finding it.
  8. I can't find it, can I have a time please? EDIT: Nevermind! I found it.
  9. Here come all the BUST posts, all the while the event is ongoing..... Pack it up! Let's go home boys. We'll get 'em next time.
  10. Sounding from ULM taken near Minden LA. That veer back at 600mb should only iron itself out with time. The lowest 0-3km is very impressive.
  11. Keep an eye on the cell near Stephens, in south central AR. Looks good, strong updraft and isolated.
  12. The fort smith cell currently has a debris ball with a small, but decent couplet.
  13. Have to say I agree with the 95% probs. Not quite sure on the 80 probs, I probably would have done 60 probs because I'm still questioning storm mode.
  14. This is NOT a 15% event. Storm mode is a massive issue and I think a 10% hatched would have sufficed. A 5% is comically low especially given the low level shear parameters which should enable tornadoes in the QLCS which will inevitably develop later in the event. Early on I see a discrete/semi discrete storm mode that may be capable of a strong tornado or two given the parameters, but no more than that.