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  1. Can't really say I am a huge fan of that AFD
  2. Me too, as thats where I am most likely headed for the eclipse since I have family in N MO, I'd hate for it to be socked with clouds, especially since there won't be another one in this area for a very long time.
  3. Can someone take care of this guy? For god sakes, every single post of yours is the same thing.
  4. Bad news: The nailed sandy part really got me though lol. (EDIT: if this should be in the banter thread, feel free to put it there.)
  5. JB also uses the CFS snowfall and weenies out over snowstorms >240hours. I don't take anything he says seriously anymore.
  6. Franklin has markedly improved over the past several hours. Huge convective blowup is currently finishing up wrapping around the CoC and flightlevel winds in excess of hurricane force have been observed with SFMR readings of 55kts.
  7. Appears the circulation of Franklin is currently reemerging into the Bay of Campeche with an ongoing flareup of convection to the south and east. However this is dislocated well away from the CoC, whereas there really isnt any robust convection near the center. I have a feeling any significant strengthening will be held at bay until these stronger convective bands are able to consolidate closer to the center.
  8. 00z took it a tad further south and it seemed like it had some problems interacting with Belize and Honduras, disrupting the circulation. Actual circulation never really consolidates and deepens like it had in 18z and 12z before the Yucatan. I'd assume that is at least part of the reason why. Just my two cents though.
  9. Yea the trade wind acceleration in the carribean(isn't it always like that this time of year though) is not exactly favorable for maintaining deep convection as seen with 90L's ongoing struggle, if 99L heads in there it will encounter the same issue and struggle to develop and maintain thundstorms.
  10. Oh wow one model doesnt develop the wave. Atlantic must be hostile since the EURO!!! doesn't develop a major cane. But hey, the Euro nailed Sandy so it cant be wrong. Right??!?!? I'd be surprised if we don't get a system out of this. How strong and where it goes are still up for grabs, however the <930mb storm the GFS has had probably isnt happening, since the GFS has had a tendency to grossly overdeepen TCs recently.
  11. Does this really need its own topic?
  12. I've noticed there seems to be a problem with the GFS over-amplifying TCs lately. It was doing this last week too and has in the EPAC as well, although to a lesser extent. I'm pretty sure the GFS just had an update recently and this update brought a bit of an over-amplifying issue it seems. Either way, I wouldn't buy that, although decent strengthening is probable, just not to 870mb.
  13. Dont mean to kick a hornet's nest, but this guy has been doing stupid stuff for the past few months; like reckless driving and getting himself banned off of spotternetwork(among other things too). Has gained quite the poor reputation because of it. Although he is stupid, when I saw this, saying I wasn't surprised would be a lie. I wonder what was he hoping to accomplish??
  14. With the LLJ activity being primarily NE of here looks likely that we'll remain dry through the night. This stormy pattern was largely a swing and a miss for our area. Which I guess is fine since the rivers will be under stress from all the rain up north.
  15. Interesting that you can see the evapotranspiration coming off the crop fields.