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  1. So Josh, Your basically saying that It took that storm 15 minutes to do the damage you showed in and around the building? Im assuming most of the damage occurred during that time frame because the first eyewall passage didn't seem to do much damage other than superficial stuff? that's very impressive if that's the case
  2. Cat 5 Major Hurricane Patricia

    Because you are ignoring factors/data that indicate it was a Category 5. There are arguments for both and that is the point you don't get. You keep beating it down our throats, making matter of fact declarations that Patricia was not a Category 5 when in actuality you CANNOT prove it one way or another. That is what makes it seem like you have an agenda.
  3. Cat 5 Major Hurricane Patricia

    I am not going to argue with you especially about this. But you are missing the entire point of what everybody else is saying to you because you have an agenda for Patricia not being a 5 at lantdall.
  4. Cat 5 Major Hurricane Patricia

    ^Thats the problem though. Construction Codes have everything to do with the amount of damage 200 mph hurricane wind will do to structures. Or the amount of damage ANY hurricane wind will do. If construction codes had nothing to do with it, then Josh would never chase any Category 5 cyclones because he would never survive. Josh could chase the most violent cyclone this earth has to offer, right on the coast, and survive if he is in an enclosed stairwell of a concrete parking garage (and above surge obviously). This is just one example, but the point is there are structures that these winds will level, and there are those they wont. its that simple. The point of this whole statement is that people need to understand hurricane damage potential and use that knowledge to act accordingly. This is the reason you have mass evacuations of major cities....even by those who are MILES inland and protected from surge. And its the same reason people are disappointed when a Category 5 cyclone hits and a city isn't erased. The sensationalist nature of this new generation is really to blame, and its why everytime i see "bye bye Florida" i cringe because its an asinine statement. Not saying you feel this way but it really is a problem with some posters on this forum.
  5. Cat 5 Major Hurricane Patricia

    Josh, What are your thoughts re: the difference in the two sides of the storm? I'm assuming the cyclone approached you from the south, so u first went thru the NE eyewall and then the SE (correct me if i'm wrong)? Have you ever seen such a discrepancy in the winds on either side?
  6. Cat 5 Major Hurricane Patricia

    Even your own chart doesn't correlate with your statement. Whatevs Im not going to argue with you.
  7. Cat 5 Major Hurricane Patricia

    Of course these are the go to responses for posts like mine. I can posts pictures of cyclone tracy flattening Darwin also. And that would prove nothing. Standards. of. Construction. One of the pictures you posted is a mobile home park. Structures with NO FOUNDATIONS. Pre Andrew and Post Andrew standards of construction changed. Do we build buildings the same in 2015 as we did in 1992? I guarantee you if Andrew occurs exactly the same today, damage is much less.
  8. Cat 5 Major Hurricane Patricia

    Josh, Before I comment on the discussion re: Patricia's landfall intensity, I must commend you on an excellent video. For me this video shows two different storms. The first half looks hardly a major, with winds seemingly barely getting above hurricane force sustained with maybe 90 mph gusts, where the second half resembles a truly violent, violent storm unlike many I've seen filmed. Not only with strong straight line winds but serious downburst like gusts with debris flying everywhere. It's hard to gauge the true ferocity because it sent you into survivor mode, but perhaps that indeed is a measure of the true ferocity...that it send you inside. Truly amazing stuff and I can't imagine how that experience must have been. The icing on the cake is showing just how fortunate you were, with many rooms nearby losing the roof. This video is your best, up there with Haiyan. It's no coincidence both were land falling cat 5s. Re: the discussion. I won't rehash points re: satellite presentation or surface wind reports. One thing I will say is that people in general have incredibly unrealistic expectations for wind damage in major hurricanes. You see words like "wiped off the map" or "goodbye New Jersey" or "skyscrapers expected to sway to point of collapse". Then when the cat 3-4-5 hits and none of these phrases come to fruition you ask the question "was it really a 5?" People expect these violent hurricanes to behave like violent tornadoes when they are completely different. It's easier to design a building to withstand straight line wind. much more difficult to design a structure to withstand violent upward motion. Motion violent enough to rip concrete out the ground, lift trains, etc. hurricanes aren't built like that, even category 5s. Even 200 mph category 5s. Which is why the initial comparisons of Patricia to a 20 mile wide ef5 tornado were inaccurate. And it's thoughts like this that inevitably disappoint weenies looking for complete obliteration. Patricia was not a 20 mile wide ef5. It was a 20 mile wide hurricane. Then people also say..."people say well the wind damage wasn't as bad as x hurricane, which was also a 5." Each hurricane is different. And if you notice with this video there is a reasonable explanation as to why this damage might appear light for a category 5. Duration of violent winds. Looking at this video they last maybe 20 mins. The first half comes with strong but bearable winds, the second half comes with violent destructive winds. That's not a lot of time to completely shred a city or town. Had the front half of this storm been as severe back....completely different story for josh. It's things like these we need to consider if we are going to jump the gun and assign hurricane categories or tornado ratings before official findings. We shouldnt indulge in this but it's bound to happen. What I can gather from Josh's video regarding Patricia was that for its second half, it was a violent, violent hurricane. One of the worst he's filmed from my eyes
  9. Taiwan Tornado

    Easily one of my top 10 or 15 favs. The question is where the hell did the white car go
  10. Egh. The fact that it isnt moving has more to do with the weakening than outer bands.
  11. May 24-27 severe potential

    That damage is way too severe for a ef1 or ef2. Leveling concrete and masonry structures is much more difficult than wood frame construction
  12. Good work as always man
  13. Hurricane Odile

    Wow Josh. no words man stay safe
  14. Hurricane Odile

    Yep eye is already filled. Damage has already been done tho. I'd expect lots of damage from los cabos
  15. Hurricane Odile

    Looks very Isabel sequel structure wise. Historic hit for cabo