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  1. Wouldn't be super surprised to see the marginal risk get extended into our area tomorrow
  2. Models are slowly pushing the instability further and further north Monday
  3. Only problem is their might not be that much instability due to cloud cover and rain
  4. 12Z is looking better instability wise for Thursday compared to prior runs
  5. Looking like Wednesday and Thursday might give some us some severe
  6. Cell on the TN/Al border is getting its act together quickly
  7. Recon has found an extrapolated pressure of 914mb
  8. The low shear environment will probably get it back into the 920s in a few hours
  9. Is it just me reading this wrong, or did the recon miss the eye?
  10. Recon is in the eyewall, anyone got the numbers?
  11. Recon entering her, here we go folks. Should know min pressure in 20 or 30.
  12. New Advisory 130/950 Surprised it's not a little higher
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