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  1. Euro cutoff is literally over my house. We'll see if it or the GFS buckles.
  2. 0Z NAM has shifted west, has the heaviest snow over the MI/IN/OH border regions
  3. Also wildly further west compared to the 18Z run. Gets almost to Chicago.
  4. GFS continues slight west trend. Parts of Michigan might actually see some from this if it continues.
  5. Wouldn't be surprised if the trend continues like the rest of the models
  6. Models are in agreement on someone getting something. CMC and EMCWF have been the most gungho on somewhat higher amounts. All models are the system will start the lakes up too.
  7. Just as you said that, a discreet cell just fired south of South Bend
  8. Northern part of the line has reorganized over Lake Michigan
  9. According to a local, the Atlantic Beach Pier collapsed about 20 mins ago
  10. IR presentation just suddenly exploded with new convection around the eyewall
  11. NHC goes southwest, significantly increases rainfall because of the stall
  12. Appears recon is heading home, just as it starts to look better and better.
  13. Winds in the SE quad are finally increasing too, and convection is rapidly forming in the southern part of the storm.
  14. Recon showing the stronger winds are making it further down now
  15. Yeah this was at 23:13 Versus now (doesn't embed right, click the links)
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