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  1. Dipped to 31°F this morning with frost on grass.
  2. Not sure who all uses the NC EcoNet stations but they updated their website, dashboard, and added new features on Monday. I'm loving it so far, playing with the Mtn Research Station data. We had patchy frost yesterday morning (34.4°F) but only managed to dip down to 37.9°F this morning, no dice. Link: https://products.climate.ncsu.edu/cardinal/scout/?station=WAYN
  3. Took a slight detour on the way to work this morning. Passing snow showers over Canton.
  4. Driving on I 40 at 2pm around MM 29 and a guy sped by us going at least 70mph, hydroplaned and spun out into a ditch and flipped. It was insane. He walked from it but this rain is way too heavy to be flying down the road. Be safe out there y'all.
  5. There is a slight celebration feel to it. I def was not the first, there were many cars at overlooks taking advantage of the open trailheads but everyone was excited for it be back open.
  6. Parkway is back open and found some light snow around 9am. Looks like most of the parkway picked up a skiff overnight. This was taken nearby Devil's Courthouse/Beech Gap/Hwy 215
  7. @Rainforrest what did you end up with?
  8. 2.5" in Waynesville. A nice drive around town this morning.
  9. 0.5" at 6pm in Waynesville Highlands and Cashiers are north of 1" based on webcams Nothing on the ground in Cullowhee
  10. Much better spot than the last few rounds. I forget, what is your elevation and how far south down 276 are you (no need to be specific, landmarks are fine)?
  11. GSP inching down ever so slightly from the 3am call map. This is the 10am update.
  12. Even though those newer guns were installed years ago, it still amazes me how fast they can go from zero to a skiable base (12 - 18") in under 24 hours. Tammy told me one season they had a 500k energy bill in just one month! That was before their guns and lines were upgraded.
  13. Highlands broke their annual rainfall record this past year at 136.50", only 3.45" shy of the state record at Mt Mitchell in 2018 (139.94"). 2018 - 125.46" 2019 - 111.78" 2020 - 136.50" Some folks have high snow totals, we have high/extreme rain totals. @SnoJoe @LiQuiDBuD
  14. As with most events we talk a lot about populated areas (because its where we live) but who wants to throw down where you think the highest totals will be (factor in backend NW flow snow)? I'm liking the southern end of the Great Balsams but also could see Mt LeConte push past everyone with their last minute light accumulations Sunday morning.
  15. Cat is reporting 2" overnight into this morning.
  16. Got my inch I was hoping for, ended up with a storm total of 1.75" and although its still snowing, its so wind whipped and small in size i doubt we add much more. Cat has a running storm total of 6" 2" Sun PM - Mon AM 4" Mon PM - Tues AM Still light - moderate snow up there, maybe another 0.5 - 1" before its all said and done.
  17. Very nice SW NC Weather! Where about in Franklin? valley floor, further west along the divide?
  18. Half inch just outside of Waynesville (8pm). This on top of the dusting this morning that melted. Was thinking an inch or two was possible but now I'm just hoping for an inch.
  19. We picked up a dusting this morning in Waynesville near town. Still think 1 - 2" is likely by tomorrow morning for central Haywood. Next week's cold on the models already has me making plans for backup heat and double checking my seals in the crawlspace and exterior.
  20. It's coming. WV imagery is showing the pivot occurring now. With such high ratios, cold temps, and no problem with ground temps, it'll collect quickly.
  21. 1.5" at Camp Daniel Boone at 4pm when we left the Art Loeb/Cold Mountain Trailhead. A half inch at the house here outside of Waynesville.
  22. Gonna make a run into the Shining Rock Wilderness this afternoon to catch the early round snow.
  23. 1" here just off Racoon Rd in Waynesville (looking at the Mtn Research Station).
  24. Nice snow globe action this morning in Waynesville, not sticking but pretty. Only trace amounts grass, deck, and cars @WxKnurd, my buddy up Chad Crawford sent me some pics. Solid dusting up to a half inch he said (around 9:45am).