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  1. I work practically across the street from ISP; I was sitting in my car on break at the time, and it felt like someone shook my car very lightly by hand. I even looked in my mirror, lol. I thought to myself, "Did I just feel an earthquake.....? Naaaaa". SOB, I come here and see this. Not lying.
  2. Well, at least we got a cool...cold eclipse!
  3. Can this area of intensifying storms effect Maria?
  4. It's a bit out, but I hope we have a brilliant clear sky for the eclipse on the 21st!
  5. Yeah of course I've got that bookmarked. That also shows a wide swath of rotating pressure, it seems. As I said, total amertaure here; obs..
  6. I'm just an amerature observer, but looking at the current Intellicast Nat.radar, I must say I've never seen anything like this... It looks like a giant cut off low in October full of snow.
  7. The last two winters on Long Island were brutal; I'll take this, so far...
  8. Not looking to go north anytime soon...
  9. Yeah, I don't like model hugging either...oh well, I have both threads bookmarked.
  10. I agree. There should be a merger, or something, imho.
  11. Completely clear over central LI., and half way to totality! Fascinating!
  12. So far so good from central LI. "The partial eclipse will begin at 9:07 p.m. The total eclipse will begin at 10:11 p.m. and will continue to be visible until 11:23 p.m."
  13. I agree. I wouldn't want to be near it if a Cat 3 or more hurricane visits Manhattan...