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  1. I live on a giant glacial moraine called Long Island, NY. Mother nature took our ice, but twice. Twin forks to show. We cannot control the weather. Climate is going to climate. Sadly, it is political to the extreme now. GIGO Forever, Inshalgore, amen.
  2. Rainbow confirmed from here. Sorry no pics. The set up was too perfect; I'm sure pics will be captured and shared.
  3. Pleasant distant thunder, and light rain here. Rainbow potential high, imo.
  4. There's plenty of warm air elsewhere, but this current cold air here is annoying. No fun at the beach today.
  5. I work practically across the street from ISP; I was sitting in my car on break at the time, and it felt like someone shook my car very lightly by hand. I even looked in my mirror, lol. I thought to myself, "Did I just feel an earthquake.....? Naaaaa". SOB, I come here and see this. Not lying.
  6. Well, at least we got a cool...cold eclipse!
  7. Can this area of intensifying storms effect Maria? http://www.aviationweather.gov/satellite/plot?region=tpa
  8. It's a bit out, but I hope we have a brilliant clear sky for the eclipse on the 21st!
  9. I agree. I wouldn't want to be near it if a Cat 3 or more hurricane visits Manhattan...
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