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  1. Starting to dry out. Currently at 54/35.
  2. I need to mow my backyard but since it is a swamp right now, I'm gonna have to wait a week. Hopefully it will dry out by next weekend when the next rains come.
  3. Picked up .33" early this morning. Much cooler today. Currently 57/55. No rain forecasted until next weekend.
  4. Alight icing is ok and very beautiful in the morning sunlight but major ice storms, absolutely not. Lots of tree and power line damage.
  5. Here is one of me in Colorado on top of my 1st 14'er.
  6. Yeah but to get 5 pounds of snow you generally need a lot but add the sun and you will need a lot less if you know what I mean.
  7. Been following this from eastern NC and all I can say is WOW. Thanks all for the continuing pictures and videos. Those roofs look scary, can't imagine all that weight on them especially once the sun comes out and starts melting it and making the snow heavier. Stay safe all those who are in the thick of this.
  8. At those temps batteries tend to die quickly which is probably why digital ones generally only go down to -40. If you can find one with a probe like the Kmart one you will just have to find a shady spot for it away from your house for accurate readings or get a big dial faced on and find a shady spot for it. Good luck.
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