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  1. Line of heavy storms have moved thru this morning, still raining. Have picked up .36" so far with lots of thunder and lightning. What's that old saying around these parts, Thunder in the winter , snow to follow in 10 days?
  2. Very warm day today. Topped off at 72. Currently 63/60. Windows open, heat off. Ughhh.
  3. Started this morning at 31, currently at 61 and sunny.
  4. Started out this morning at 30, we had a heavy frost too. Kind of surprising considering I went to bed around midnight and it was 41. Got up into the mid 50's today but temp is dropping fast. Currently at 34/32.
  5. .11" the last 24 hours. Still chilly out. Currently 40/38.
  6. 40 degree difference between yesterday and today. Currently at 39/36 with windchills in the upper 20's.
  7. We have now hit 80. Ughhhh. Can't wait for the colder air to hit us. Too bad it won't be until tomorrow.
  8. Torching here today. Currently sunny, windy, and 77/69.
  9. Started out around 40 this morning, now at 70. Had .32" before the warm air arrived.
  10. Started out at 25/5 this morning, topped out at 40/26 this afternoon. Currently at 36/25.
  11. 48 currently with a chilly breeze out of the northwest.
  12. Cloudy and damp here today. Sitting at 52/49.
  13. Light to moderate rain here now. Picked up .08" so far today. Temp holding at 50.
  14. Intense line moving thru right now. Absolutely pouring. Temp at 65. Ended up with .55" from that line for a total of .66" for the day.
  15. Dropped down to 27 this morning with a high of 46. Currently at 30/25.
  16. Bottomed out at 34 this morning. Currently at 45/24. Supposed to drop to 24 tonight.
  17. Cloudy 56/51. Waiting for front to blow thru.
  18. Another mild day here today. Currently 60/49 and sunny.
  19. Picked up .75" today bringing our monthly total to 2.02".
  20. Picked up 1.11" since yesterday evening.
  21. Light rain here now. Been on and off sprinkles all day. Currently 47/44.
  22. Another warm day here today. Currently 72/55. We had .16" this morning.
  23. Alight icing is ok and very beautiful in the morning sunlight but major ice storms, absolutely not. Lots of tree and power line damage.
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