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  1. Cold start and about 18” otg at our place near Gore today. This winter stinks but most weekends have been salvageable up here. Hopefully we’re not shutout the rest of the way on the coast.
  2. 200 years of record keeping still makes it notable, regardless of what may have happened before.
  3. Tough to draw a conclusion from two duds in a row. There have been plenty of low snowfall two year periods in our local climate records. That said, I do think it’s eventually coming and will be from our own doing.
  4. Im actually sitting in airport at Denver, we skied Breckenridge last five days. Once you get to around 9k elevation about 60 miles west of Denver there is plenty of snow. Breckenridge is around 200” for the season so far, streets and sidewalks in town all snow covered. Great ski town. Denver and the nearby plains are having a shutout January.
  5. Just over 3” in wading river, still moderate snow and 31f. Nice little overperformer to expectations.
  6. Tightness of the belt makes a huge difference.
  7. 1.75” now with moderate snow and 27f. Beautiful night.
  8. Light snow, approx 1/2” down. 26F. Great to see a white landscape for a change
  9. Its still just an evolving science. The mistake made over and over again is getting vested in these LR forecasts - whether it be because we like the predicted outcome or whether we're going down with the ship while defending our own long range forecast. We have some great posters that make clear the risks in the LR discussions. Discouraging to see things looking bleak at this late stage - but who knows, there is still room for a decent few weeks. Prime winter is sure getting wasted though.
  10. You may be right but February runs 2-6 weeks from now --- we all know any outcome is still on the table regardless on what is currently depicted.
  11. Sooner or later have to figure we get a stretch like this in summer when the consequences will be worse than just wrecking a winter month.
  12. 57f after hitting 62f earlier ..the blacktop never even dried out.
  13. Down to 31.5f with mod snow and 1/2” on colder surfaces. May be first time this season we overperform the rest of the area. Sunday night we didn’t see a trace.