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  1. We can’t get through December without seeing 50’s or higher. It’s basically a fall month.
  2. Love that snow cover every day in December - can’t imagine we’ll see that again
  3. 43f Wading River and breezy, no rain yet - should lose the snowcover as we're down to a slushy inch or two from Friday's 8.5. This low LE snow couldnt put up much of a fight.
  4. Final 8.75" here with skies starting to clear, bottom layer is pretty wet on the blacktop but overall a nice event! Hoping this snowcover can survive Sunday and be around for next weeks arctic air.
  5. Just over 8.5” in wading river, LI north shore. Still some light snow falling. Nice quick hitter!
  6. Flurries and 30F, Wading River. Upton's most recent discussion still somewhat bullish for Suffolk Cty Likewise, cloud bases are lower towards Central and Eastern Long Island and low clouds are more expansive there. Snow has begun to develop but is currently light. Most intense snow expected with potential 1/2 inch to 1 inch per hour rates between 3 and 6 PM for southern and eastern portions of Suffolk County. Winter weather advisory remains in effect until 7PM for these areas. Still going with a snow forecast of 1 to 3 inches with localized amounts up to 4 inches possible. Elsewhere, less than an inch of snow expected with too much dry air in the low levels to allow for steady snow. For NW Suffolk, 1 to 2 inches of snow expected.
  7. Would be great to have snow on the ground and blustery temps for a couple of days after this awful holiday week weather... hoping we all get something from this.
  8. Skied at Gore on Monday -- conditions were pretty good. Once north of Saratoga the ground was covered. Gore has been able to make a good amount of man made snow as well -- you can see it stockpiled on this trail below. I'm sure they'll have it all groomed out for the holiday week. IMG_3518.HEIC
  9. BNL shows it too https://wx1.bnl.gov/graph.html
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