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  1. Ice pellets mixed with the rain in Wading River, 43F
  2. Funny how different these same temps feel in September as we trend down instead of up. Six months to go..
  3. Temp down 8 degrees in last 30 mins in Wading River from 46 to 38. Wont do much out here but nice to see the cold working in.
  4. What about December and February both being AN?
  5. Too early to rate the season. Going back 50 years at BNL there were eight years prior to this one with 20 or more inches in January - all eight of those ended with 50"+ (most were 60"+). Hopefully that is an indicator we've got more to come...
  6. Yeah 3 out of last 12 winters out here on eastern LI. Certainly not that far fetched.
  7. Funny how our boom or bust snowfall seems to play out. 3rd snowiest month ever recorded at Islip yet we had what - just five or six days with snow cover? And we spent most of the month talking about how the favorable pattern wasn’t working out.
  8. Almost tough to reconcile how cold it’s felt this January with the fact it’s only 3.5 degrees below the new average. Maybe we’re all getting soft lol. Perfect winter morning out there - bright Sun on fresh snow, 13f in Wading River.
  9. Light snow in Wading River, temp has dropped to 14F --- was 29F at midnight. That would have been the story - although i'm glad we got the snow to go with it.
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