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  1. All snowcover gone here, run up to 51F and a shot of moderate rain took care of what was left this morning.
  2. Upton got me near 50 Tuesday ahead of the clipper, so certainly expecting brown ground out here. North of us looks pretty solid to build snowcover prechristmas, hopefully we join them.
  3. You must have been very close to the eastern fringe. Drove from Wading river to hauppauge this morning and looked like an inch or less the whole way. Grass is sticking through at the rinx in hauppauge.
  4. 1.5” here, hopefully it’s just a start for this December.
  5. Flipped to drizzle here, around 1/2" OTG. Trees look great though..
  6. 1/2” here, so far west is the best
  7. 35 and light snow, all surfaces still just wet, although if upton is right we’ll be the jackpot zone when all is said and done.
  8. Steadier flurries now. Even if we way underperform yesterday’s modeling I’ll take this any day in December. Could easily be days of 50s instead.
  9. Stray flurry in Wading River, 34f. Hoping the delayed start = delayed end theory works out.
  10. Yeah, its almost expected when you see a scraper three or four days out.
  11. No soup for you!
  12. Would love to see a 6-12er on 12/23 followed by temps in the mid 20’s with off and on light snow for the following 48 hrs. Had a period like that in the Adirondacks in 2013. Great holiday appeal.
  13. BN D, J, and F is just too much to ask for! For now I'll take December evolving as modeled and no one mountain biking in shorts at Christmas.
  14. Really feels never ending. When I comment on how extreme this stretch has been to people at my office they seem to have no idea. Funny how quickly people acclimate.