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  1. About 1/2” otg in Wading River, 33f. Ground and trees all nicely covered compared to mostly wet ground when I left Hauppauge about 40 minutes ago.
  2. Getting some occasional drizzle and sleet, 37f
  3. First signs of any breaks in the snowcover here as the temp spiked 15 degrees from around freezing between 4-6am. Been a great week of snowcover. Balmy 53f now. Might as well cook down the remaining snow before the big rains.
  4. Long term average here is 32.75" according to BNL's numbers. Only 4 times in the last 30 years were we within 20% of that average in either direction. Expecting average snowfall hasn't worked out well in our feast or famine recent years.
  5. I’ve had same problem. Site is really slow and not as user friendly as the one it replaced.
  6. Last few days have been great. If the Christmas Eve system had somehow been a snowstorm this probably would have been the best runup to the holidays for winter weather enthusiasts in a very long time. At least there is some promise going forward.
  7. That 1.61" seems really high - I didn't think we got anywhere near that much precip. Certainly not questioning your report.
  8. Same in Wading River, light snow 27F. Best weather after a snowstorm is cloudy with occasional light snow!
  9. 6.25” on the ground in wading river this morning, 25f. We netted a little more then our place in the adirondacks got.
  10. 5” at 10:30 in wading river - temp has risen to 31f though. Still haven’t seen any mixing.