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  1. Mostly light snow in Wading River. About 1/2" otg. Temp down to 30F. Western Suffolk looking good right now..
  2. It’s pretty narrow - just drove East from Ex 60 LIE to 64 and went from moderate snow and 34f to drizzle and 38f. Hopefully this fills in this evening.
  3. Moderate snow on the LIE Ex 60, temp down to 34 in this heavier precipitation.
  4. Some mixed pellets and flakes Hauppauge for the first time today - 36f
  5. Light snow and 34f in wading river, some signs of white in the grass. Count me in with the surprised crowd
  6. 28f in wading river...I’m thinking we keep a bare ground out here but happy to see the ski areas off to a solid start.
  7. Have some lightning and thunder of the house shaking variety in wading river.
  8. Up near Gore this weekend - expecting 6-12” in this area. Hate to have to head home before it’s all over. Gore may open Friday for those interested. Nice early start .
  9. Some heavy rain and 60f in wading river, nice fall-like weather for first week of school instead of last year’s heat.
  10. Comfortable 63 degrees on LI north shore with some spotty drizzle. Love days like this during warm season.