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  1. Just started sticking to the ground in the last 30 minutes. Looks like a good dusting on the ground. Still snowing at a good rate. North Durham County
  2. It may snow 4-5 inches but I don't think we will see high accumulation. Everything falling in my neck of the woods is immediately melting and its a solid moderate snow.
  3. Full blown Flizzard now in North Durham County. A few bigger flakes mixing in luckily no rain or sleet
  4. Its a town in the northern part of Durham county. Halfway between Roxboro and Durham
  5. I am in Bahama and its 38 as well. Nice thick clouds hopefully keep temps as low as possible before the event.
  6. I can confirm sleet mixing with rain in Morrisville. I am 2 miles south of RDU
  7. Anyone have any idea as to what is going on with Greg Fischel?
  8. Pear and Cherry trees are starting to bloom and the Maple trees are budding. Looks like an early spring
  9. We always see storms move NW at the last second... For once let it work in our favor : )
  10. I have already had a foot of snow. If we get 70's from here on out this was a great year!