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  1. Moderate snow in North Durham. Everything is white now
  2. Golf ball size snow flakes in North Durham! It's crazy
  3. Heavy snow with huge snowflakes in North Durham now
  4. Moderate snow in North Durham
  5. Just changed over to all snow in North Durham
  6. Snow starting to mix in with sleet in North Durham! Hopefully full change to snow soon .
  7. Same here in North Durham County. Very Heavy Sleet. Covering cars and flowerbeds now.
  8. 10 miles north of Durham. Very Heavy Sleet and 34. Sleet is now covering cars and flowerbeds.
  9. 36 sleet in downtown Durham
  10. 39 and rain 1 mile south of RDU airport
  11. Just started Sleeting in Morrisville. I am one mile south of RDU airport.
  12. Jim Cantore is in Raleigh for the storm. Could be a good sign.