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  1. Anyone have any idea as to what is going on with Greg Fischel?
  2. Pear and Cherry trees are starting to bloom and the Maple trees are budding. Looks like an early spring
  3. We always see storms move NW at the last second... For once let it work in our favor : )
  4. I have already had a foot of snow. If we get 70's from here on out this was a great year!
  5. Just picked up a new 1" in North Durham county. Adding this to my foot from yesterday! Nice moderate snow coming down with no mixing and good size flakes.
  6. I have a foot! Looks like this may be it since the sleet/rain line is getting close. I hope the snow can hang around another hour or two
  7. 6 inches in North Durham county! #DecemberToRemember
  8. Heavy snow north Durham county. 2 inches on the ground and it's just dumping snow!
  9. Moderate snow in North Durham county. Grass and vehicles are covered. Roads are still clear
  10. Freezing rain is awful. Had to go through one in the late 90's and lost power for three weeks. Even if you have a wood fireplace, cold showers in January are not fun....
  11. 1" of QPF -= 2.5-3" sleet
  12. always a north shift as we get close to go time