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  1. Morristown is up 34 degrees in 5 hours after bottoming out at 30
  2. 85-86 had 2 in Feb, Jan 88 had 2. Jan 89 another. All were snow days for me. Not huge storms by any means but certainly plowable. Before 82 I don't remember but 79 had the big president's day storm
  3. Cold enough for early December snow before we torched
  4. Line of showers just wet the ground. Not sure it'll be enough be the first measurable precip of the month at ewr
  5. I could still see ewr and parts of the city remaining at or above freezing
  6. Finally something showing up on the gfs. Storm next Friday Euro has it as well
  7. I hate these cloudy "warm" days. I'll take sunny and 48 any day over this
  8. There's a nonzero chance ewr will have no measurable precip for the first 20 days of the month
  9. Sunny 63 now. Maybe get to 67 but it'll be dark in 2 hours so probably not
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