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  1. Still a tricky forecast for the next couple days. .5 to 2". Thankfully not winter
  2. Models still can't figure out tomorrow's rain. Nam is wettest of course. Rgem basically dry west of Nassau
  3. Here are a few winter outlooks. Feel free to add any others or your own thoughts https://www.noaa.gov/news-release/us-winter-outlook-warmer-drier-south-with-ongoing-la-nina This year La Niña returns for the third consecutive winter, driving warmer-than-average temperatures for the Southwest and along the Gulf Coast and eastern seaboard, according to NOAA’s U.S. Winter Outlook released today by the Climate Prediction Center — a division of the National Weather Service. Starting in December 2022 through February 2023, NOAA predicts drier-than-average conditions across the South with wetter-than-average conditions for areas of the Ohio Valley, Great Lakes, northern Rockies and Pacific Northwest.
  4. well it is due south of eastern michigan
  5. This happens every year. Also Dulles is nowhere near downtown
  6. Sunday looking like a potential washout
  7. Nice pic and yeah photoshop would take care of that
  8. Forecast low is 34 to 36 for our area so I think we just miss a freeze. SMQ will be 23 lol
  9. Nam holds off rain til tomorrow evening now
  10. It already pretty much is. I've never seen colors so early from morris up through rockland yesterday
  11. Nothing on the horizon but we can get a sneaky warm day like yesterday. 70 is never off the table even in December and January
  12. 3.66 total. Quarter inch more today
  13. Nam agrees but euro has heavy stuff tonight
  14. .5" on the day, 1.87" since Saturday
  15. Would be very difficult to get a record low this time of year. Record low highs are more common especially on days like this
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