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  1. Friend bought new const. in holliston. Absolutely beautiful, but ya very expensive town- but good schools etc...Great place to live. One thing we need to remember when talking home prices is the per month mortgage pmt is basically unch even before inflation since the 80’s. Although our houses are bigger and less people live in them. That’s probably more at a national level tho but still.
  2. Meant family night at the movies- not a big movie guy or superhero guy for that matter. Let the pillaging begin.
  3. That is a seriously great idea. I’ll be stealing this one- thanks!
  4. ya good points all around. i'll def be giving it a watch.
  5. 100x better than Jordan's? damn I'm going to have to make it a priority. Is it a hit piece tho? read that somewhere, who knows where.
  6. No one is saying cancel culture, the mods can do whatever they want. it is literally their website. What brought me to actually post was seeing some posters regularly troll and misinform and not get called out, like whatsoever. if that doesn't happen then fine. i have literally nothing to add on the weather side- just follow the experts here- who are very good. That's fine by me.
  7. lol just noticed that...this is/was a way to break the 'rona boredom for me...back to lurking in a crap pattern, i guess. mission accomplished....or is it????
  8. So that's why my thread got deleted? It's fine to be censored- you guys have a job or whatever to do. But just apply this across the board then, and be fair about it.
  9. I started my own thread. have fun posting your weather banter here- but remember, remain very specific and involve weather at all times. temp 38 degrees, at 8:53:52am.
  10. You're not a fan of business stuff? Lollll
  11. Sir this is a Wendy’s. It’s stock market talk
  12. This is making its way through my circle this weekend Really very interesting re: tethers impact on the overall crypto market- yikes. https://crypto-anonymous-2021.medium.com/the-bit-short-inside-cryptos-doomsday-machine-f8dcf78a64d3
  13. I was joking- a 7 day forecast for GB in January of high 20’s and a chance of snow is pretty funny...I mean c’mon. Same about TB, did you see Erin Andrews ask him about his recently thinned blood and playing in the cold in the postgame interview? I mean c’mon he’s the GOAT. my jokes aren’t as funny when I have to explain them.
  14. Ya I mean did you see the fox weather graphic?...next Sunday in GB temps- high 20’s, chance of snow, and Tampa is used to the warm weather. sarcasm on both counts- both the wonderful 7 day forecast and warm weather team comments.
  15. Dude was just gunna post- are the bills really gunna do this??
  16. I spend my time dealing with things called facts, and mathematical certainties. Like the below, which I can't believe I have actually have to do: Baseline: R= 1.1, Infections= 10,000, fatality risk= 0.8% generation time= 6 days so: 10,000*(1.1^5)*0.8=129 deaths after 1 month of spread. 50% Increase in fatality risk: only variable change is 0.8%*1.5, all others baseline= 193 new deaths 50% Increase in transmission. Only variable change is now (1.1*1.5)^5= 978 new deaths over the month. There is a whole class of people playing down the virus because it fits their twisted worldview. Hope that’s not you, man.
  17. Can we cross reference those that think the new variants aren’t a big deal because they are not more deadly, with their math aptitude? This feels like “it’s just the flu” but even more dumb and dangerous if that’s possible.
  18. The Oxford- AstraZeneca trial was garbage. Combining data from different countries, the dosage fiasco etc...AstraZeneca really f-ing blew it. On multiple multiple levels, including with the FDA. Really shameful tbh.
  19. churchs, and anywhere indoors for periods of time greater than 10-15 mins, are huge huge risks regardless of population density. Does your congregation do mass online?
  20. It’s a new more contagious variant... will the vaccine work? The science is still out.
  21. In mass some headroom yes. I was talking about u.s. hospitalizations as a whole plateauing...really hope our educated population and healthcare bent help us weather this locally better than others. Going to be a depressing few months ahead on the COVID front.
  22. Ya you’re right. Some epidemiologist said something like hospitalization per some number of cases or something is better to look at. because what you’re saying is right, the leveling off may be more a function of a significantly stressed medical system. I.e. people who should be hospitalized aren’t because there is no room.
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