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  1. It's Facebook, but there's a great group of folks in Maryland Beer Drinkers Club (private). Lots of reviews and suggestions. So many good brews around...
  2. C FL will be long lines of wash / pounding paddle out with that angle. Wham bam close out ma'am
  3. Don't snooze on your local, Sapwood. Sky Meadow is a pretty good spin on an Oktoberfest brew (fiestbeer). Followed it up last night with a Snip Snap
  4. Almost too much information at your fingertips at this website. But fun to peruse nonetheless http://trackthetropics.com/
  5. Wow - surge and screaming wind. Link didn't work but it's here https://www.facebook.com/mackeymedia/videos/10156592713773527/
  6. Thank you! Have them; handyman window is a 3-day lead. I'll tell him Dorian's potential arrival time has moved back a bit
  7. few miles south; across intracoastal from Melbourne
  8. Sheesh - have to decide on shutter install for N. Indialantic house tonight or tomorrow. Tough call from Maryland :/
  9. Has to be close to 3" in Millersville, MD. Intensity lightened up a bit...
  10. I can fill some gaps if you have extra (basement fridge LOL). Great hop selection for the NEIPA
  11. Haven't seen too many AA County reports. Close to 6 earlier just west of Severna Park...
  12. hard to believe some guy is in and out taking pictures. This cam probably won't last much longer... https://www.surfline.com/surf-report/spyglass-dr-/5842041f4e65fad6a7708881
  13. parachutes landing in Millersville and 31.6
  14. 3dcg

    JAN 4th Coastal

    The Mid-level WV loop (#9) is fascinating with all players involved!