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  1. We just have to face the facts that in all likelihood this will be the 3rd consecutive winter where the PAC refuses to cooperate despite the overall pattern as a whole reshuffles each ensuing winter. This winter season would hurt the most with a -NAO and we still can’t cash in. Just mind boggling.
  2. Storm total for me is 8”. It’s not the 12+ I was expecting, but a good storm nonetheless.
  3. Which seemed to be a slam dunk blizzard yesterday, everybody is freaking out with the sudden NW trends of the models today. I for one didn’t see that coming, but the Euro stopped my worries. Either the models will stand pat from here on out or what I think will happen is a correction back SE.
  4. I’d rather not have the wind aspect of the storm materialize. It cuts down on snow growth potential.
  5. This is 12z model madness at its finest. 3 model runs, 3 different solutions. Ok Euro what do you have to say?
  6. The GFS as of late has been doing too much waffling for my liking, while the EURO has been holding steadfast with a hugger solution. I’m not buying the EURO either. My gut tells me in the end there will be a compromise between the two models. Something similar what the EPS depicts where the low exits off Delmarva/ Cape May followed by a motion ENE.
  7. It’s a good bet they find a Cat 4 when they get there.
  8. August and September will rock. I got this sneaky suspicion that N.J./L.I. will be threatened with a major cane late summer. 2020 karma.
  9. I believe if we go through the named list of storms we start using Greek names. Wouldn’t shock me if we go through that list as well.
  10. I believe if we go through the entire named list they start using Greek names. Wouldn’t shock me if we go through that list as well.;
  11. I am. Thus far we have 4 named storms on June 25th. We got a legit shot of rivaling the 2005 hyper season of 28 storms.
  12. That doesn’t bode well for snow fanatics like myself where I reside if those conditions persist into next winter. That would make it three clunker years in a row.