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  1. It’s a good bet they find a Cat 4 when they get there.
  2. August and September will rock. I got this sneaky suspicion that N.J./L.I. will be threatened with a major cane late summer. 2020 karma.
  3. I believe if we go through the named list of storms we start using Greek names. Wouldn’t shock me if we go through that list as well.
  4. I believe if we go through the entire named list they start using Greek names. Wouldn’t shock me if we go through that list as well.;
  5. I am. Thus far we have 4 named storms on June 25th. We got a legit shot of rivaling the 2005 hyper season of 28 storms.
  6. That doesn’t bode well for snow fanatics like myself where I reside if those conditions persist into next winter. That would make it three clunker years in a row.
  7. 20/12/4 Predicting 2 majors will strike the US mainland, one in the gulf near LA/AL the other will strike OBX then ride up the coast and threaten the mid Atlantic/ northeast.
  8. Couldn't help it. I just had to look. If we had blocking it would have been a 2 footer throughout the area.
  9. Numerous locations in Jersey reported 40+, While areas in NY state were 50+! By far the greatest snowstorm to hit our area in recorded history. I can only imagine this forum if an impending storm of that magnitude was approaching. The server would crash for sure.
  10. Oh well looks like the end of another crap fest of a winter. Onto tracking the coronavirus.
  11. I wouldn't be so sure of that. I thought I read that we could be facing a strong Nina next winter. That's not conducive for snow.
  12. The only way to save this winter would be a March Blizzard 2001 reverse redux where the storm hits us with all its fury.
  13. although unlikely, it can be worse next winter. We could be shutout.
  14. Good track. Should of been a snowier result. GFS is unreliable with thermals this far out.