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  1. Long range 6z GFS is stormy. Potential is there.
  2. Another opportunity for a big storm goes by the boards. What a frustrating winter it has been thus far. Damn Nina.
  3. If this phases and goes to the BM, I would think this storm has HECS potential. Second analog is the blizzard of 1978. That's some serious potential.
  4. Sounds like JB to me.
  5. Would love to see it dig down to the Delmarva.
  6. I don't have maps, But UKIE is a big crusher!
  7. At this time everything is a convoluted mess. Too many vorts on the map thus the confusion. I'm not buying the weak OTS solution. There will be a Superbowl storm in my opinion. If it cuts or not is a different matter.
  8. Inverted troughs always needs to be watched. They have a tendency to bump north at the last minute.
  9. With limited cold air to work with, we're going to need some major dynamics at play in order to see accumulating snow down to the coast. For that to happen, we're probably going to need this beast to go below 980mbs.
  10. Agreed. Slight nuances in the upper levels will effect storm track this far out. As long as the GFS continues to show a coastal we're in good shape. I'm more concerned with the EURO and CMC. Needs to show a more consolidated shortwave, albeit they were close.
  11. Euro was close to seeing something special. Definite trend towards the GFS. Can't wait to see the ensembles.
  12. Just when I thought this storm was dead and buried. I no longer trust any model at this point... I'm tracking Hermine old school from here on out. Satellite and radar observations are the way to go.
  13. I remembered during last years model runs of the GFS and EURO with the January blizzard, there was a time when both models were chasing the convection too far east while the SR models showed a big hit. I wonder if the same thing is at play here.
  14. I was just going to mention that myself. All NAM jokes aside, it showed Hermine making it into our latitude. Did the NAM show a possible weakness in the northern Atlantic block? Something to think about when the other models come out later on.