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  1. Looking over last nights Euro run this morning even though the storm went wide right, there were big changes at the upper levels compared to 12z. If only that northern stream was a bit faster. Euro came precariously close to a monster solution.
  2. I'm pretty sure you mean the 12z EPS cause even though it only goes out to 144hrs, the 18z EPS are even better.
  3. It's all about timing with the northern and southern streams which always makes me skeptical in these thread the needle setups. Not to mention the Euro is either out to lunch or onto something.
  4. Not to mention the GFS is underestimating the precip on the western side of the storm. Its an issue I've seen this model do at times in the past with the big storms.
  5. Dynamics would be at play. A low that intense would create its own cold air.
  6. Believe me It wont be. Taken verbatim that's snow down to the coast. Typical warm thermal bias with the global models. Good thing at this point is we have a signal for a strong storm. Bad thing is my Superbowl party could be in serious jeopardy.
  7. It had me fooled. Without looking at thermal maps you would think that's a raging blizzard with a bombing sub 980 low on the BM.
  8. GFS with the day 10 superbowl bomb. It gets down to 954mb as it reaches our latitude while showing snow for areas only NW. I think not!
  9. I wouldn't throw in the towel at this point Anthony. I'm beyond aggravated as you are, but I have this sneaky suspicion that we're going to get a KU event sometime in February/March. With a split flow along with an improving western ridge, the pattern looks very active. It's only a matter of time before everything lines up for us.
  10. An intensifying low track to the BM can do wonders even in a subpar pattern this time of year. Just ask the 240 hr GFS,
  11. I assume Euro is a no go for this weekend? TT site is down again. Can't catch a break this winter.
  12. You know winter's a failure when you hope for a KU event just to achieve average annual snowfall.
  13. As our winter goes up in flames, PB tries to calm everyone down.