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  1. 4.5'' Nutley, NJ. Good storm for early December.
  2. 3.5'' in Nutley as of 5pm. Moderate snow.
  3. That's a good event for early December. Where do I sign? From here on out its all about the short range models and radars.
  4. How about that blizzard towards the end of the run? Not getting excited at this far out juncture, but fun to look at nonetheless.
  5. I like to watch Lee Goldberg. To me he's the best weatherman on TV. When there's an impending storm, I'll also check out Nick Gregory. That's it. I won't even put on the weather channel anymore.
  6. That dry slot didn't last very long. Moderate to heavy rains moving in now. Wouldn't want to be at the Jets game today with all those wet and miserable fans.
  7. Wow. What a gut wrenching loss by the Yankees. One of the worst post season losses I've ever seen.
  8. 18z GFS has Jose making a closer pass to coastline courtesy of a stronger ridge. Clips Cape Cod.
  9. If the EURO and GFS were to be correct on a NC landfall per say, there remains one major disagreement with the two models. The EURO upon making landfall brings Irma north inside the coast, while the GFS goes NW or even WNW. That's a big difference for NYC/NJ effects from Irma.
  10. Scary run from the 6z GFS. Just one of many scenarios that could play out. I'm not buying last nights run of the EURO. Theres multiple troughs exiting the east coast as Irma approaches. While possible, Its going to be difficult for Irma to stay suppressed and enter the gulf. With a pressing WAR unless she can find a weakness and escape OTS, the east coast is under the gun. Long way to go folks. At the very least, this board is going into weenie mode for the next 10 days.
  11. 180.51 as of 11:15CDT
  12. I just got a text from my brother in law. His parents who live near the town of Katy in the western part of Houston, were just told to evacuate.
  13. I just have a real bad feeling we're going to see a major loss of life. you can see it coming the day before Katrina hit. Think about it, a major cane meandering along the coast line for several days dumping feet of rain. Its getting close to crunch time. Residents who decides to stay are putting their lives on the line.
  14. My main concern is with a trough over the eastern US along with an upcoming active hurricane season, that could very well spell trouble for the east coast.
  15. Very frustrating indeed with the lousy timing. There's hope though that we could see this pattern come fall and winter with the QBO finally going negative.