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  1. You got another explanation for the sudden warming? I’m all ears bro. If not I’d let the CLIMATE SCIENTISTS do their work and STFU. .
  2. You would have shorter ice free periods in September well before that. .
  3. We’d be heading into another ice age if it wasn’t for us. .
  4. Not without a rapid drop to zero emissions and it’s not looking good so far. .
  5. When the blue ocean events start it’s not going to be every summer. So when there is ice in the summer are you deniers going to say “hey look the ice cover increased it’s all good now” .
  6. And you’re trying to make you’re point with a tiny area of the graph showing a tiny gain in 3 yr ice only? .
  7. So what. The ice is still losing old ice. .
  8. This gives a clear picture of whats going on. .
  9. With the summer pattern lasting into mid October now the chance of landfalls will go way up. .
  10. Yeap the 2012 record will be normal soon. .
  11. Can’t be any worse than Patrica. That was insane. .
  12. Yeah the feedbacks kicking in should mean an ice free arctic year round in about a decade. .