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  1. With the summer pattern lasting into mid October now the chance of landfalls will go way up. .
  2. Yeap the 2012 record will be normal soon. .
  3. Yeah about 3 weeks of it. .
  4. Can’t be any worse than Patrica. That was insane. .
  5. Yeah the feedbacks kicking in should mean an ice free arctic year round in about a decade. .
  6. Yeah we usually get an August cool spell. But it’s later now a days. .
  7. It really is simple. If you add more CO2 to the atmosphere than is taken out the concentrations will go up and more heat is trapped raising the equilibrium temperature. The PETM had more than twice as much CO2 as today and therefore was about 5C warmer closely matching todays models.
  8. All you have to do is look at studies on the PETM to see where we are headed. It’s really quite simple. .
  9. Yeah feedbacks are kicking in hard. It’s like when all the ice melts in your cooler and the the water warms up quickly.
  10. We used to get August cool spells with highs in the 70s every year. .
  11. Studies of the PETM agree quit well with the updated models. .
  12. CO2 is toxic in only a few percent concentrations. .
  13. Instead of trying to make it not look as bad by taking the difference of the whole average and the latest 13 month average look at the warming that has taken place since 1979 which is twice as much at 0.6C. .
  14. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when all that coastal property becomes worthless and the inland ones may actually increase in value.
  15. These papers are peer reviewed. You argument is nonsense. .
  16. I also think the expanding Hadley cells are make landfalling hurricanes more likely. .
  17. Yeah its seems like we need a deep trough just to get normal temps. .
  18. Deniers looking pretty dumb at this point. .
  19. What is the bottom melt end of the season? .
  20. So the all time record low is in jeopardy? .