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  1. Me every time I walk past my weather station and continue see 43 degrees. Lol.
  2. Well it’s RAH after all, they have always played it conservative, and It has a served them well more times than not.
  3. Sitting here in Northern Randolph wondering the same. I will say the last ice event this past weekend we just got a light glaze. No two events are alike, however Climatology says there’s generally a tight cutoff just south and east of the I-85 corridor on events like these. I suspect that Davidson and Randolph will be placed under a warning if data holds/keeps trending over night.
  4. RAH is sounding the alarm. WSW now in place for their farthest NW counties including the Triad and Roxboro. WINTER STORM WATCH IN EFFECT FROM LATE WEDNESDAY NIGHT THROUGH THURSDAY EVENING... * WHAT...Significant icing possible. Total ice accumulations of at least one quarter of an inch possible. * WHERE...Person, Forsyth and Guilford Counties. * WHEN...From late Wednesday night through Thursday evening. * IMPACTS...Power outages and tree damage are likely due to the ice. Travel could be nearly impossible. The hazardous conditions could impact the morning or evening commute.
  5. Wow... The 00z CMC really increases the icing threat on Saturday compared to the 12z run.
  6. How much ice did you have? That’s definitely the benchmark ice storm for the Triad area.
  7. The ice maps for the NAM are assuming everything freezes on contact. That’s simply not going to happen with temps 30-32. Freezing rain as we all know is self limiting anyway. I’m not an ice fan at all, but if for some reason you like no power for two weeks, you would want the surface temps to be on the order of 26-27. In Dec 2002 I measured 0.75 on the tree branches in MBY. We managed to stay 26-28 degrees the entire event.
  8. Haha... this thread needs a little of what the WRF-ARW2 is jacked up on! Probably doesn’t belong here at this point, but hey it made me laugh.
  9. Are we really losing another one? Lol Congrats MA/NE. Common theme this year.
  10. I expect RAH will issue WWA for their NW counties tomorrow morning. This pretty much looks to be a non-event in regards to impacts in the Triad. But A couple of hours of snow will be nice to see if it happens.
  11. The NAM is trending towards a legitimate marginal overrunning event for this weekend. Not sure how much further NW it will go but it’s definitely trending NW the last three runs.
  12. Nice... So When does the NW trend start? Lol.
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