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  1. jjwxman

    Major Hurricane Florence: STORM MODE THREAD

    The 12z Euro was actually a little further west and north this run compared to the 00z. But the impacts remain the same.
  2. jjwxman

    Hurricane Florence

    So how about this forecast for Greensboro from RAH... is this their way of telling folks not to let their guard down? Seems a little over the top to me based on the forecasts... Thoughts?
  3. jjwxman

    Major Hurricane Florence

    On a slightly different note, Folks are taking this seriously in NC. Even Inland here in Greensboro the water and batteries are getting gone fast.
  4. jjwxman

    Major Hurricane Florence

    I rest my case...
  5. jjwxman

    Major Hurricane Florence

    The GFS has no idea what it's doing. Cat 5 just meandering off the coast?.... right....
  6. jjwxman

    Major Hurricane Florence

    She's becoming a beast. I wouldn't be surprised to see a Cat 3 status by 11am.
  7. jjwxman

    Hurricane Florence

    Many areas in western NC have already had a surplus of rain this year. A stalling hurricane plus strong wind gusts over this area would be terrible. Let's hope against that outcome.
  8. jjwxman

    2018 General Tropical Discussion

    That would be devastating for the OBX, ENC, and SEVA.
  9. jjwxman

    2018 General Tropical Discussion

    The 12z NHC track continues the shift SW. Carolinas in the sites now.
  10. jjwxman

    2018 General Severe Weather

    CWASP Percentages via the 6z NAM on Sunday afternoon.
  11. jjwxman

    March 12th-13th ULL Discussion

    GSO has been sleet for the better part of an hour. Between 10:00 and 11:30am we got about an inch of snow near downtown. ALL SLEET NOW 95/5... Boo
  12. jjwxman

    Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    Winter Storm warnings now up for Central NC.
  13. jjwxman

    Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    The NAM/CMC/ICON are close, if not a warning criteria event. RAH WS warning criteria: 3"+ in a 12 hour span or 4"+ in a 24 hour span.
  14. jjwxman

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    Well I mean if it's not going to snow... Nothing cleans the salt off the roads like a LCHS spin up. Nice sounding for Jan. over central NC Friday evening.
  15. jjwxman

    January 3-4 Storm Thread part II

    The Negative dewpoints the NAM 3km has just west of the precip is why it cuts off so sharply.