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  1. Saw this on Reddit..... Don't use a white extension cord to plug in your block heater.
  2. Yeah because Hallmark movies are all filmed in August in southern California and all the fake snow is melting.
  3. Can I be the first to say "but, sun angle!" or do we have to wait until February to say that?
  4. Five miles makes the difference? (It's snowing now though)
  5. Was just outside doing chores and there was a distinct lack of any precipitation despite the radar returns.
  6. Weather Channel TV just said the low could be somewhere between Detroit and the final resting place of the Titanic.
  7. I don't recall ever seeing this narrow of a temperature band in the 10 day. Especially for the last week of January.
  8. As someone recently stated.... I'll believe it when I see it in the yard (both the front AND the back yard).
  9. There's only been four events....
  10. On the plus side, the Magic Shell layed down by the ice will stop any blowing and drifting conditions.
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