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  1. April 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    This weather is goals finally..up to 65 here
  2. April 7-8 2018 jinx

    I know, our area in NE Jersey has had way too much subsidence this season. At least last snowfall we cashed in more than others. First time all season.
  3. April 2nd Snow Wave

    In case anyone wanted to see...finally a storm all season that looks to have hit my area the biggest
  4. April 2nd Snow Wave

    7 inches here, really incredible stuff. Finally the immediate NYC metro snow hole comes to end. 43 inches of snow on the season (Still much lower season totals than many other surrounding areas in NJ and NY).
  5. April 2nd Snow Wave

    I know it’s incredible
  6. April 2nd Snow Wave

  7. April 2nd Snow Wave

    It’s incredibile to even be talking about it...very exciting for April fools
  8. March 20th-22nd Not So Suppressed Storm Obs

    Just flurries here - so confusing. Can anyone explain what’s going on?
  9. March 20th-22nd Not So Suppressed Storm Obs

    Same here, it’s killimg me
  10. @SACRUS I missed your model summaries this year!
  11. HRDPS is a thing of beauty
  12. People, we just got NAM’d
  13. March 2018 Model Discussion

    CMC is a similar story. Looks like models are trying to figure out what to do with it
  14. March 12th - 13th Scraper

    Can someone explain why all models are showing this? The track has become much more favorable