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  1. Snow/rain mix here...albeit very light.
  2. 30 inches here
  3. 00z CMC the same..all bad trends tonight
  4. 00z RGEM is very disorganized too
  5. No, Not specifically the NAM it just came out that was at 5:30 today
  6. Yup, Similar in a way to RGEM
  7. All of the NAM's highest totals are in the NYC metro with little in southern New England. RGEM's highest totals are in eastern southern New England
  8. Yeah that's was interesting..doesn't develop anything
  9. All NAM's are a good hit...along with the Norlun in the general same area. Let's see if this can be some consistency into tonight.
  10. See the next frames..nice hit
  11. CMC gives mostly all accumulating snow to southern New England
  12. Euro?
  13. Extended RGEM maps out yet?
  14. 00z 4km NAM is pretty for the metro lol...it shows an area on Long Island even getting a foot. Take it with a grain of salt as of now
  15. How was the RGEM past 48?