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  1. What’s the euro showing for next weekend? GFS is rainy, CMC isn’t showing much. Having an outdoor party, hoping this time we skip out on the rain
  2. No substantial rain for the next 10 days...
  3. Rain definitely came in more north than most all models had...
  4. Who wants colder temps and snow after a day like today!
  5. Lol Would be where the heaviest snow was all year
  6. Since nothing to track, you know we’re all waiting for what the euro shows next weekend
  7. I think March 3rd has some opportunity. Fresh cold air comes in Tuesday night. All just Has to come together
  8. The 26th system on the gfs this run is more north in the mid-Atlantic this run vs the Carolinas. Watching the 26th
  9. Gfs has the storm a week from now, it’s just in the Carolinas as of now. Curious to see if that trends further north to our area over the next few days
  10. 00z NAM says we snow until tomorrow night. Another 2-3 inches in spots, heavier burst around 8-10AM