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  1. When was the last 2" event at KNYC that was all rain?
  2. Awesome! Here's hoping...
  3. Sleet in prospect heights brooklyn!!! Hopefully some flakes tomorrow!
  4. What time do we think the front moves through the metro area on Friday night? Interested in the birds that blow through after. (and the cooler weather finally)
  5. Seeing a whole lot of lightening from Hell's Kitchen. Hope it makes it here.
  6. At KNYC tomorrow should be the first day since probably June with a high below 70, and potentially 60. Winds shifted to the north, and dew point and temps starting to drop.
  7. I know that technically the high for KNYC was around 45 for today at midnight, but when was the last time the first freeze produced a daytime high of below freezing as well?
  8. Still dumping snow in Midtown with a little mixing with sleet. Impressive to see the depth of this snow already!!
  9. Upton now has KNYC getting down to 0 tonight. What are the chances that actually happens? Or get to -1?
  10. KNYC went from 61 at 8am to 51 at 10am. This storm has been fun.
  11. Moderately heavy shower in the village about 40 minutes ago. Got up town to Midtown and did not seem to have rained as much. Crazy that I got excited over a brief shower. That's been it for Manhattan in quite some time.
  12. What are the chances of KNYC or any of the metro reporting stations hitting 59 tomorrow night? Gonna cool and dry out quick tomorrow.
  13. Upton has not done their 4pm update yet have they? Still showing watches for the metro area.
  14. I hope this early snow is not a repeat of last year and the winter ends up a bust. A man can only dream of more snow.
  15. Thanks!! I wish I had anything more than a guess behind this call. But I'll take it!