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  1. BrooklynSnow

    April 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    Surprised to see some breaks in the clouds and even the sun coming out this morning. Maybe we can bust high on temps if the clouds move out faster than forecasted. Though I do see some rain SW of here still...
  2. Sun is out now in Brooklyn. Crazy weather day. Is this going to destabilize the atmosphere and maybe lead to some thunderstorms? Or are we done for the day for the most part?
  3. BrooklynSnow

    April 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    I was in prospect park this am, and saw around some dissipating showers mammatus clouds. I would say this was around 830am. Anyone else see them?
  4. BrooklynSnow

    April 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    I hope so!! It's freezing out today!
  5. BrooklynSnow

    March 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    Any signals on when the cold will break? This brutal, highs in the low 40s as far as the eye can see...
  6. BrooklynSnow

    March 7th 2018 Coastal Storm Observations

    Thundersnow Prospect Heights, BK...and snow ripping!
  7. BrooklynSnow

    11/29-30/2016 Heavy Rainfall Obs

    When was the last 2" event at KNYC that was all rain?
  8. BrooklynSnow

    November 2016 Pattern Discussion

    Awesome! Here's hoping...
  9. BrooklynSnow

    November 2016 Pattern Discussion

    Sleet in prospect heights brooklyn!!! Hopefully some flakes tomorrow!
  10. BrooklynSnow

    September 2016 Discussion/Obs

    What time do we think the front moves through the metro area on Friday night? Interested in the birds that blow through after. (and the cooler weather finally)
  11. BrooklynSnow

    June 2016 Discussions/Observations

    Seeing a whole lot of lightening from Hell's Kitchen. Hope it makes it here.
  12. At KNYC tomorrow should be the first day since probably June with a high below 70, and potentially 60. Winds shifted to the north, and dew point and temps starting to drop.
  13. BrooklynSnow

    November 2014

    I know that technically the high for KNYC was around 45 for today at midnight, but when was the last time the first freeze produced a daytime high of below freezing as well?
  14. Still dumping snow in Midtown with a little mixing with sleet. Impressive to see the depth of this snow already!!
  15. Upton now has KNYC getting down to 0 tonight. What are the chances that actually happens? Or get to -1?